aluminum panels Panel Track Blinds, a Fashionable Alternative to Vertical Blinds

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Vertical sliding doors and blinds are ubiquitous solutions for large windowsNearly every vertical blinds I have been to rent house or apartment
They look good
, but they lack of style and creativity

A relatively new option is availableOrbit * panel shutters
Also known as the slider panels or panel
They look more complex, can borrow modern
Designer.-look at your home

Team tracking is essentially overlapping fabric panel glide wheel tracking system
The width of the panel is about 48 "192", the length can be applied to most of the Windows and sliding doors.
, most of the vertical blind flange is clearly more widely
Consisting of fabricScreen, woven wood or solar energy materials
If you want to have a warm
The natural appearance matches one of the woven wood materials.Here is very similar to the choice of materials such as bamboo shade or woven wood color
, bamboo, grasses[魔兽世界]银色十字军(任务法杖)。 , or a combination of
There are a lot of fabric panel options
You can choose from a pure tonal, let the light or dark fabrics, provide more privacy
, there are a variety of colors

Solar screen material option, similar to a pure tone
, usually translucentSee,
And through the solar protection
. This is a good choice for large windows with views.The sun screen have different levels of transparency has fallen from 3% to about 14%
.Team tracking shutter can even as an affordable room divider
This is a cool choice
I see this in a small room, large room
, even in an office environment, can be an alternative to the cubicleAnd .

This is also a good choice for floor plans.You can even buy different seasons of different panel or renovated
It is easy to replace the panel
Possibility is very large
.Panel track is more expensive vertical shutteSo this is not a real fair
-to- a comparison
But most of the vertical blinds is vinyl
It's very cheap
The panel tracks are made of more expensive materials.But after watching
Much better,
Choose a good blind plate rail
In the color and material, very suitable for decoration
That provides unparalleled complexity for traditional vertical blinds.Another advantage is hardware with panel tracks.
Wheel tracking system, glides almost effortless
This is a very good high
-High-quality touch, very different from many cheap vertical shutters, which can be a bit clunky.

When you open these blinds, the panels simply scroll back, overlapping each othe.Group of a limited tracking shutters
, a can be minimized
Is that when you open the blinds completely panel
, more window will be overwritten, because the width of the larger plate than conventional vertical blinds
. The same is true of vertical blinds, because stacking can occur., especially in the large sliding window
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