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by:Carlos     2019-04-06
Painting metal and aluminum wall panels can be a nightmare, if not correctOver the years, I have been in the wall and the metal plate to fix many families
Metal wall panels in mobile families are common.
The oldest mobile use aluminum panel cladding of the building
.Most painted metal panels seem to last at least 20 yearsThis is because the paint is in a factory in baking, and its surface quality is very high, the appearance is also very good.
The baking method is used to draw most metal wall panels, aluminum and make the product life is long
.I live in a mobile home park a few years and never draw my next-door neighbor's mobile home and more than 45 years old
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He goes out once a year to wash the moving home with a teaspoon of soap and cleans the house with a brush at the end of the extension bar

His mobile house may not look fresh, but it does look greatOver the years, he has developed some scratches and dust, it is hard to wash off, but the damage degree of painted metal wall panels
.Well, we paint our mobile home, using the expensive metal primer and some expensive paint from dein Edwards company.

The paint job
We lived there about four years, never had any problems after back home
. After working in the construction industry, I knew that we had to use a good metal paint primer so that the paint would stick to the baking process and make the metal wallboard look better

This is my advice to you when painting metal wall panels
.1Ensure that the metal wall is clean
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Scrub the baby with TSP soap and a brush.Clean metal surface better new paint primer will stick or stick to the old paint

When using the primer, carefully follow the instructions on the paint primeDon't temperature below or above recommended by the paint.
.3Make sure you explain paint salesman in any store, you will draw metal wall panels
Get the right paint primer
.4I'd like to recommend a kind of paint primer, but I can't, because I don't want to hear from anyone in a few years later, told me that the paint is off from their home.

To make this responsibility a paint maker

5Make recommendations on the drying time according to the paint primer paint primer
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I 'd rather have the paint dry for at least a week.The reason for this is some of the paint primer of soft stay for a period of time, if you draw as good as they seem not immediately bonds, sometimes soft will stay for a long time
.6Apply your final coat of paint of paint after the manufacturer's instructions
.With it, the metal wallboard is all about preparing the surface you want to draw

Interesting painting and always read and follow the manufacturer's suggested that you are using the product
These people constantly testing products, they know that the best way to apply them to any surface
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