aluminum panels Painting Louvered Vinyl Exterior Shutters: A How-To Guide

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
This tutorial describes how to paint brand new paint vinyl external blinds instead of intending or recommending PVC-type external blinds or repainting old ones.You must use the paint grade blinds to make this process work properly.First of all, you need to decide whether to spray or brush the brush on the paint.It is recommended that you use the spray system to draw external vinyl blinds,The results will be more consistent.Followed by paint options.There are three basic options to consider, and the choices you make are very personal about the style of you and your home:The quality of the selected plastic paint is different from the paint selected for the paint wood.Whether you spray or brush,I always recommend using relatively cheap paint.There are two reasons why I suggest this.First,You won't have to deal with any moisture issues, so the mil thickness of the paint doesn't matter.Secondly,Very high quality paint is more spherical for roller,This makes the paint too thick to even spray.Keep in mind that plastic products are inert and do not absorb or discharge moisture, so protection from elements is secondary.Startup depends on the exact type of substrate you will be using.If the material is like benzene-American brands (Only color #30)Or high quality polymers such as American aluminum vintage blinds or other pre-Painted products,If you are using a flat exterior wall latex paintYou will get excellent adhesion without starting.If you're using anything other than flat latexAlways the surface of the primary external vinyl blinds.There will be cheap primer in the paint supply store (Good Wood primer)Again, it doesn't have to be of high quality as it just provides adhesion to your paint top coating.Follow the instructions and pay careful attention to the paint on the temperature guide can be the best result.You will need the following items to start:OK,Picasso had time to work.The open blinds pose a big challenge because the slats of the corners and the difficulties of the results are fully covered.If you do not solve the space between the slats, you are installing external blinds at the eye level or higher,After installation, the slat behind your unpainted space for vinyl blinds will be visible.If you're sprayingUse a test area or even spray mode on the vinyl shutter where you actually spray and make sure the gun works properly.The cardboard drying box on one side will work well.Vinyl blinds with paint blinds,Put the panel down and start at 40-The five-degree angle then directly targets the nozzle into the slat cavity.Spray or even stroke before starting your paint area and always pass through your paint area.Go and repeat on the other side.Before going to the next stage, always check if the paint on the external shutter has enough coverage.When the window shutter is down, it is a good idea to draw the edges to make sure they are covered properly.When I don't do this, I'm always surprised by the leaks on the edges.If you're brushing your teethYou will need a small brush for this job.Draw freely between slatsMake sure to also paint about one on both sides of the slat-half inch.Drawing the edges with a brush, while the external shutter is down is a good plan.Open the external window shutter.You don't need to wait for the paint to dry as the back of the external shutter is recessed and won't rest directly against the carton.If spraying,Using the spray gun of the same angle, you use the back of the blinds and spray to the slat cavity on both sides.Next,Go to the bottom edge and angle gun of the external shutter, so you can paint the cow nose (Edge of blinds.Hold the spray gun at an angle of about 30 degrees and spray from one side to the other or even stroke,Spray your paint area again to make sure the uniform application is completed.The next step is to go to the top of the shutter and spray slat's face.Here you will hold a slats with a gun at 90 degrees (Perpendicular to slat),Spray your paint area again.Re-Pillars that spray edges and paint (Vertical guide rail).Finish with a second coatinspect,and re-Shoot if needed.Brushing your teeth is quite obvious and requires very little more than using your two-Brush inches for the paint.Be sure to check the full coverage of the edges of the external blinds, you do cover the external shutter completely.Move the freshly painted vinyl blinds to one of the boxes you set up for the painted ones to dry and repeat until all vinyl exterior blinds are painted.
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