aluminum panels Paint Detective PD8

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
Paint Detective PD8 Paint Thickness Gauge, can use steel and aluminum panelsCar, it is a basic characteristics can be made by metal and it will be highly ineffective if the device can only be used for specific vehicles
It USES four AAA batteries, with a leather bags/belt clip.
, two calibration inspection and four foil thickness inspection
But it is important to note that the measurements are made in the- calibration (calibrate the past tense and past participle)
.Paint thickness index commonly used car buyers
And vehicle body repairers and vehicle sales or check before any car body repair
, or measure the thickness of the paint, and then try any repair work, such as wet sand or heavy machine polishing

Paint and body repair can easily miss the inspection's vision or touch only, so paint Detective pd8 can provide you with basic indicative information about the car's history and then buy it again.Before any recovery work, the thickness of paint should measure how much access material can safely remove also need not worry completely friction or through the surface burning, cause permanent damage
.The gauge require minimum measured area of 6 mm, the minimum thickness of the sample is 0.
3 mm and characteristics of the measuring range of 0
-1250 um / 0
-50 mil. The unit of measure it provides is microns.(1/1000th of a millimeter
) visit, you should use the paint thickness before any repair work unit of measure is provided and the empire
(1/1000 inch), check the car should be used before any body repair
.Paint Detective pd8 is fast and easy to use., the size of a utility
Robust and structure
Is a very handy little device that can be easily stop you from buying a car, has a history of an unpopular, otherwise you may not know, this will allow you to safely perform a restore of the original paint job didn't delete too much, causing serious damage
This is a kind of product, it will be in your vehicle purchase and serve for you during repair, for enthusiastic amateurs and professionals, it is a great investment.
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