aluminum panels Pace Edwards Roll-Top Cover - the Original Retractable Tonneau

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
I found many steps Edwards rolling to cover our country's highways

Especially the Edwards roller speed front cover
Whether to save fuel
From the atmospheric conditions, shielding load
Or just keep your valuables safe from being seen or thought of.- a thief
But at the sight of it
Edwards scroll cover at the top of the hard - this speed is a favorite retractable cover car owners
And .

Many truck parts authors have begun to like it., also.Once unlocked,, Edwards rolling speed automatically become a lure back completely
- open position, allowing you to fully enter all four corners of the truck bed
The tonneau aims to provide a smooth of discriminatory flush
And set up appearance
. Filled polymer looks likeAnd touched the
And feel like leather
. HoweverIt is used to maintain for a long time, a long time

Single filled polymer was pressed into thick aluminum plateThis design feature allows you in actual are classified as hard truck bed cover has the feeling of "soft".
Each piece of aluminum trim is smooth
And scratch resistance
, black powder
-overcoatThe truck bed cover customized for each specific
, model and yearIs the most important thing
, the structure is designed to withstand the cold and snow load
. Unlike other rhythms, Edwards scrolls on the cover.Water is a psychic
Into the tank is installed in the front of the bed
, and, finally, through a drain to help maintain a pickup bed drying.
In addition,
, the cover automatically shrinks and can be closed by one hand from either side of your truck bed(Manufacturer claims installation time is one hour)Are safe, and allow a little extra time any challenges that may occur
).Manufacturers claim that "waterproof" cover, but not necessarily "water
-tight"Want to know, under the condition of the heavy rain, you're likely to build up a small amount of water on the bed.
. HoweverWe found that installing the rear door washer kit could make the water smalleFor all intents and purposes
, Edwards scroll cover to keep pace the truck bed drying
A few people may complain, belt and a handle is a standard equipment
- just one hand
-turn the key lock at the end of the door of the lidSome users complain that they found the lock itself is cheap
However, the positive
, the lock is a standard design, change is very cheap
Some problems appeared lock the correct alignment

Although some people think the installation is a- personal work
, most of the owner and we found that most of the oral English
(if not all
, minimize alignment problems by adding a pair of hands during installation

AlsoIf your home is on an unpaved dirt road, and you must always drive on such a road, cover songs may be filled up with mud
, dust, as well as other road debris
The challenge is easily overcome by using a simple garden hose remove dust and dirt
.The main problem
? Not at the pace of Edwards' top cover owner we interviewed.Most of the continue to talk about their rolling coverage
Even after many years of ownership
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