aluminum panels Oil Painting Lesson - An Introduction To Oil Painting Supports

by:Carlos     2019-04-11
An oil painting bracket is any surface that can be applied in oil painting.There are various surfaces that artists use to paint.Everything from certain woods,canvas,Even metal can be used as a support for paint.This article will introduce you to these various supports and would like to help you decide which one is the best oil painting of your style.Linen is made from the fibers of the linen plant.The plant is harvested and then left to soak in the water until the outside of the plant rot away from the fibers below.The fibers are then processed into yarn or thread and woven into canvas.The fiber of the linen plant is long and quite strong, making a very interesting and lasting drawing support.The painting performed on this surface stood the test of time.It is for this reason that linen canvas is the favorite of professional oil painters.Unfortunately linen canvas is quite expensive and may not be the best choice for beginners.If you are interested in learning more about linen canvas,Check your local art store or go online and search.There are various linen canvases available,From scroll canvas to pre-stretched.It is used as acrylic and oil,Or you can also get it not started.Cotton canvas is the most popular oil painter to support beginners.It is a relatively strong material and is much cheaper than linen.It has a very uniform and mechanically woven.There is a big debate in the art world, which is better support for painting,Linen or canvas?What support will last longer?This is really a matter of personal opinion and taste.I know many artists.Including myself.Someone who specializes in cotton canvasOther artists swear by linen.If the surface size is correct,Your painting will then be well protected from decay and will last for a long time.So when deciding between linen or cotton,I think your decision should be based on how you enjoy the work with the material itself, rather than whether it will be around 300.If you're really worried about the durability of cottonThen buy a heavy cotton canvas and try to stretch it yourself.Cotton canvas can be rolled or pre -?stretched,Started or not.For those artists who may be in a strict budget but still want to drop the quality of surface paint,Then the canvas mat is a good choice.The painted cloth mat has a variety of different sizes and is just the beginning of a great beginner.Canvas mats are great practice or do research.Make sure you get a heavy weight canvas pad suitable for holding paint.Yang Gang is another popular oil painting support artist.In fact, Yang sand is the trademark name of synthetic cardboard made of wood particles.The hard board is cheap and rigid.If you are going to use a large hard board?It is recommended that you reinforce them with frames,Because they can bow or bend.You can buy ordinary hard boards or other varieties, such as windsurfing,This is a hard board to prepare the paint canvas material to cover.The earliest known oil paintings were made on wooden boards made of oak or poplar trees.The wood is covered with uniform ground made of animal skin glue and chalk.The ground is then polished smooth to create a surface suitable for the paint.Pure hard boards are not the most popular ground for oil painters today.They are expensive and hard to attract around.A good choice for oil painters is plywood.With quality birch plywood,Poplar or mahogany, suitable for paint if prepared correctly.Do not paint on Cork such as pine, as they contain more resin and do not resist moisture well.The above is the more popular oil painting support.There are other artists who use it when they feel adventurous.Metals like copper and aluminum are sometimes used as drawing support.Obviously the metal is heavy,So in this type of support painting is usually on the smaller side.There are other fabrics used for oil paintings like jute,This is a natural fiber with a rough texture.The oil painting support you choose really depends on your painting style.Experiments are available with various drawing support and have fun.You will eventually find one that suits you best.
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