aluminum panels Nomad 27M Solar Panel

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
The Nomad 27-meter solar panel is a convenient power source in single-Crystal solar technology.This special product uses 27 watts of electricity,And charge in all types of weather.When it's sunny,It can take as little as four and a half-Full hours recharge.When part of the sun,It takes 7 hours and 15 hours in rainy weather.These times may vary depending on the battery you use.For instance,Shelby 120 will take 10,In the sunny 17 and 36 hours,Some sunny days and cloudy days respectively.Others like Ranger 350 will take 31,The 45 and 100 hours recharge is sufficient in three different types of weather, respectively.This is not a long time to wait to consider whether there is a bill to pay for the ReCharge!It is ideal for charging electronics and offers power with eight small panels,So you can use one at a time.One of the biggest attributes of the nomadic 27-meter solar panel is its size.It measures 22.5" x 44.5" x 0.03 ", down to 10.5 "x 7" x2 "when folded.Folding it makes storage easy.Space is a problem the home will find it suitable because when folded,You can easily store it in a drawer or box.It is also light weight (3.4 lbs)You can take it with you when you travel,Go hiking or any other outdoor adventure.Just install any equipment on the solar panel that needs to be charged,Whether it's the phone or the torch,Fasten the panel on your backpack and keep walking!Nomadic 27 M solar panels are different from 13.Wattage in 5 m panel.With more wattageIt provides more power and efficiency than 13.5M panel.It can also store longer energy.The two use about the same charging voltage of 12 V (+/-2V)But 27 μm has an open circuit voltage of 18 V.The Nomad 27 M solar panel comes with three support bars made of aluminum,Provides stability when charging.When charging outdoors, you can use them to secure the panels in place.It is also equipped with four strong helmets,This allows you to hang face plates at different angles.If you are worried about the chaos that electronic products often bring,Then you don't have.It has a built-in pocket that keeps your items charged when the cable is in place.This can prevent the danger of skipping rope and injury.You can put it in a distant corner, or if there are children in the House,You can easily put it under the chair or under the bed.This solar panel is made of hard-wearing,Durable materials and will serve you for a long time.It's also waterproof,Protect it from elements.This means that you can take it all day and night, and the morning dew or sudden rain will not affect it in any way.When not used,Simply fold it and put it in the case provided during the purchase.
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