aluminum panels No Aluminum Christmas Tree For Me!

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Memories of Christmas can come from the most unexpected sources.Looking through a bunch of boxes this year's holiday,I found myself staring at a box with an aluminum Christmas tree in 1960s.I love Christmas trees!No matter how gorgeous they are in the HouseOr standing in the field,I am excited about the sight.I even like to drag boxes with decorations.Light bulbs and string lights from the stairs in the basement, they store each year to the next visit of Santa Claus.Of all the Christmas trees I 've seen over the years, I can honestly say that there is only one Christmas tree that I think is ugly.After cleaning up my father's attic a few years agoI found the box on a whim, with a sad tree in it and brought it home.I still don't know why I don't throw it away?I can't be sentimental about an aluminum Christmas tree.Sometimes when I was a teenagerThe aluminum Christmas tree has become a trend.My dad thinks this small tree can solve the problem of dry evergreen needles falling to the ground.Until then, we always cut off the Christmas tree.Usually cedar,The woods are only one mile from our house.There was a breeze in our house that year,As outgoing.Home from college during the Christmas holiday,After the first semester I left my hometown, I was a little homesick.I am looking forward to spending an ancient fashion Christmas with my family and friends, and I am shocked to see the space that has been dedicated to the fresh cutting of fragrant snow pine trees occupied.There's a sparkling,shimmering,Shiny huge shredded paper roll aluminum foil forms the form of a tree!Looks like a bad B movie.An end to the aluminum tree taking over the world,The tree has only a dozen red balls hanging on its colored limbs.Yes,Gold peaches are dripping on the branches of aluminum silver,I immediately recognized that my brother had gone too far!There is a rotating color wheel next to the tree and a spotlight behind it, through the red color panel,green,blue and gold,Make the aluminum tree change color every 5 seconds or so.This is a surreal scene,Especially for those looking forward to the fresh aroma of the Christmas tree.When I see the aluminum wreath on the front door, I should have some changes to my parents' holiday decorations.The newly cut pine bow always decorated the entrance to my parents' house to this point,An open invitation to the festival celebration is right at the door.Those looking forward to the traditional Christmas tree decoration are in a surprise!Thankfully, the trend of aluminum trees is out of date in just a few years.At its time, it was foreshadowed as the latest resort technology.I can say with authority that we are the only ones who have such a tree near us!My parents then moved to fake green trees with a small bottle of aerosol spray to make sure to smell like a fresh cut cedar or fir tree.I can only imagine the effect on my mind if those aluminum branches spray spruce fragrance!Recalling those days, I was nostalgic enough to take the box containing the tree from the stairs and put it in the Christmas corner of the living room.It doesn't look any better in my house than it did in my parents nearly 50 years ago.
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