aluminum panels Making an Educated Decision on Your Next Automated Plasma Shape Cutting Machine

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
Are you the first time a buyer or an existing installation of plasma and/or oxygen -?Fuel shape cutting system,The continuous progress of technology and the low growth landscape-Cost manufacturers and integrators have blurred the landscape of automated plasma cutting machinery.Plasma cutting is the result of the introduction of the arc through the gas blown by the high-pressure nozzle,Turn the gas into a plasma and produce a focused flame that reaches 50 °c.000 degrees Fahrenheit.The automatic plasma cutting system is divided into conventional or precision (high-definition),According to the characteristic of cutting flame.The precision plasma system is able to produce parts with more stringent tolerances,To achieve faster interest rate cuts,Fewer Kerr and cone surfaces are produced than conventional plasma systems.The cost of these units can also be significantly higher than that of conventional plasma systems.Therefore, it is very important to correctly match the shape cutting machine with the proper plasma cutting system.One of the most common and expensive pitfalls buyers encounter is when manufacturers or integrators do not match machines and power supplies.This is often the result of manufacturers not taking the time to understand the buyer's requirements,There are limited or single-Machine of production line,Limited OEM access power,And/or lack of industry/application knowledge.Then these manufacturers usually sell at the lowest price instead of the lowest cost of ownership,Highlight the power points of a plasma system or machine without considering other limitations.The best precision plasma power supply will not provide the user with the required cutting quality and accuracy if it does not work with the appropriate base machine.There are many types of plasma shape cutting machines available on the market today.The most common machine is a bridge or gantry machine made of steel or extruded aluminum.The construction of the machine is very important relative to your application.The machine and the most suitable time to do a limited number of cutting or cutting light material.Plasma and oxygen-The fuel cutting process produces a large amount of heat retained in the material being cut and may result in deflection or warping of aluminum machine parts on the surface of hot cutting,Great impact on accuracy and cutting quality.For any type of continuous cutting process, the fabricated steel machine is highly recommended,Steel plate cutting,Where is the auxiliary oxygen -?Fuel torches can be used.The auxiliary heat shield can also further protect the machine and components from extreme thermal conditions.Cutting machines are available with a variety of drive systems, including single-side drive,single-motor dual-side drive,and true two-motor dual-Side Drive system.A well-constructed single-Side Drive system or single?motor dual-The side drive system will perform very well in traditional plasma applications.The benefits of additional precision provided by two-motor dual-Due to the limitation of the precision of the traditional plasma cutting process itself, the side drive system cannot be realized in the traditional plasma application.Two-motor dual-The side drive system will provide the required accuracy and performance to achieve the best results from the precise plasma process.The size of the motor and gearbox is also extremely important relative to the quality of the machine.The undersized motor and gearbox will not be able to effectively change the direction of the quality at high wire and cutting speed,Leading to the United Nations-Uniform cutting quality and washing-out corners.This not only affects the quality of cutting,But it can also lead to premature mechanical failure.CNC control is a unit that connects all the functions and functions of the machine and the plasma source.There are basically two types of controls for most of these machines today.Industrial PC for most industrial applications-.There are users in these units-The friendly touch screen control panel and the housing are placed to stand up and they operate in harsh environments.Types typically use standard PCs with I/O cards to control Drive and plasma systems.Industrial-based controls are highly recommended for any application,Is specifically designed for industry-specific requirements,It is not easy to have typical PC problems,But in smaller applications it can lead to excessive costs.Another important thing,And often ignored.The characteristic to consider when sorting machine is the construction of railway system.Plasma cutting machines are produced and live in harsh environments.Therefore, it is important that the components used in the construction of the railway system are strong enough to exist in this environment.All rail surfaces should be constructed from hardened materials and cleaned frequently so that they will not be splashed by molten steel and will inevitably fall on them.Self-Cleaning the wheels is also a recommended function to keep the wheels clean between regular preventive maintenance (PM)cycles.The dimensions of the rails should also be strong enough to prevent the deformed machines from crossing them.The combination of all the above factors leads to the accuracy and accuracy of the system.Unlike other machining processes,It is difficult to assign standard tolerances to the plasma cutting process.Many manufacturers will vigorously promote the location accuracy of their machines /-0.007 in.And repetitive /-0.002 in

The fact is that any machine on the market can maintain tolerances far beyond the tolerances and capabilities of the plasma cutting process itself.There are a lot of factors that will affect the quality of the cut and you will achieve your parts including:Features of the part itself,Power settings,consumables,gases used,material type,Gauge/material thickness,Part layout on the board,etc

Please ask the manufacturer to provide you with cutting samples of parts or parts close to the parts you are going to cut,The machine/plasma combination is comparable to what you are looking.This will give you the most realistic performance expected from the specific machine/plasma combination and the plasma cutting process itself.Before talking to any cutting machine manufacturerClearly identify your requirements:Reputable manufacturers should ask you most of the information before making any suggestions on the system.If the manufacturer does not have this information,They are unable to fully assess your needs and come up with a system that best suits you and your specific application.Taking the time to identify your requirements will not only save you countless hours of frustration because of life with the wrong machine,But also save you no more money -?or under-Purchase the system to meet the requirements of your specific application.
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