aluminum panels Make Your Own Wind Turbine Vs Make Your Own Solar Panels

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Many homeowners are interested in making their own choice. Power systems help reduce energy costs by thousands of of dollarsEasily create homemade energy system is the two main types of wind and solar power
So this one which is the best choice for a home?
?The two systems have disadvantages
and has a website- rely on problem
The first thing to consider is the power supply
Wind turbines need to health
A strong and steady wind

Solar panels need plenty of sunlight.This should be obvious
But it is surprising how many people don't think these basic details
The average wind intensity and the average amount of sunlight data from government agencies in most countries
Trying to find out as much as possible, careful records, rather than from their own impression
This often exaggerates how much sun or wind is available

Wind turbines need stability
, a strong airflow

Higher groundThe better the
Because obstacles on the ground cause turbulence in the aiThat is why you will see in a vertical axis wind turbine installation.
, often and aluminum rod and the guy tied to prevent falls
.The solar panels
On the other hand
It can almost be tiled on the roofAbove, or the door
Or installed in an arrayOf course, they need to aim at the sun
Again, they should be free of obstacles, so that they maximize exposure to the sun
.The components required for both systems are readily available.Need before, but the solar system
Manufacture of solar panels
These are very expensive
Wind turbines
, on the other hand., can be made of simple parts that are easily available.Dc motor is the most expensive, the need to generate electricity
. However, the power must be stored in the battery
, these may be expensive
.In fact, both systems need batteries to store.Unless you choose solar systems to heat water
This actually is a kind of solar panels than better use of solar energy into electricity.
Because energy exchange reduce waste water in the heat
(or glycerine
A substance that preserves heat more than water.).The actual assembly of solar panels is much easier than wind turbines
Because it does not need to must be mounted rod must be fixed on the ground, to withstand the storm
. HoweverSolar panels are also affected by the weather.
, must be well fixed
.So, which system is the winner for Dee enthusiasts?Is there really no clear answer
It all depends on your website
And your experience
And what kind of energy you want to generate

From wind to electricity is a simple system that anyone can build with a few easy-to-get partsBut the solar water heating is a very basic system, can do a great job to heat water
The best choice
: busy with the two systems and will take care of you in hot water and electricity demand of solar and wind power
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