aluminum panels Make a Solar Water Heater at Home

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Cold and stormy weatherAnd you certainly don't want to fall into the water without warming up
Heating, however, clearly makes your meters faster, increase the electricity.
A very practical choice is to start using solar heater to heat water

One that you can set up and set up- to use in the home, because most of the commercially available solar components are quite expensive, it is difficult to repair when necessary
.A simple and cheap method of warm water can be easily done in three steps
:First"Hot box", construct a wood covered by glass
This will collect the heat of the sun.SecondA multi-tube or multi-tube copper pipe in the collection box so that the sun's accumulated heat heats the wate.Third, hook manifold media storage containers
Above, installed in the collector
So that the water will flow the collector tanks according to the "hot siphon principle"
This theory is based on the fact that increase the hot and cold water sink
. With this principle,Closed loop system, move to the overhead storage containers and cooler water heating liquid collector to inject more of the sun's heat to the box
?Material costs vary, and there can be more economical solutions for each change in household renewable energy.Glass cost quite a lot of money so can replace the old aluminum awning glass panel
-window TypIf you don't have a backyard or waste at home
Second-hand pane can always be found, if enough efforts
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