aluminum panels Make a Small Solar Panel Step-by-Step

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
This is not to say that it is difficult to make a small solar panel.Commercial building solar panels are usually made from high quality materials
The material is expensive for the average consumer.
We can use this advantage to save a lot of money
!You will need:In front of the wooden case, we need a piece of organic glass.
To ensure that its ultraviolet light
Fancy so keep as clear as possible, do not fade
And .

The use of organic glass can also ensure that it does not break or break

If you like, you can replace the plexiglass with a piece of glass, but it may not last
.We will use the organic glass to protect the solar cell is not affected by elements.
The size and shape of the box will determine the number of solar cells, we can use
We build more solar panels
We can use more cells.We have more cells
We produce more electricity
!The solar cells we use on solar panels are the same as those used in professional solar panels., but we want to save money by connecting together

It's not that hard.!
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