aluminum panels Make a DIY Solar Power Panel - Build Do it Yourself Solar Panels at Home

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Step 1InformationYou need information how to make the solar panel or build your own solar panels, it is easy to find on the Internet some of the energy provided by the web site
.Step 2Buy solar cells
Can from eBay in different size and price

Every solar cell is. 5 v and adopt 36 solar cells, and make the solar panels in series connection, to produce 18 v, very suitable for 12 v battery
.Note.These solar cells with metal labels or wire welding, you will pay the extra tabbed cells
Tabbed solar cells can save a lot of time and welding when you begin to build your solar panels
.Step 3Construction of a solar panel frameworkWhat is a solar panel?It's basically a box, an array of solar cells
.You can build a wooden frame
, aluminum Angle framework, or looking for the right material framework making solar panels
The side of the road
, station signShop billboards all make great framework diy solar panels for you
.Use the old metal symbols in wood big advantage is that they last longer in weather and the sun
.Protect solar cells from the weatherSolar panels will organic glass
.Glass can also be used to make this.But glass is fragile
The hail stones and flying debris, organic glass shatter glass will rebound
Step 4Solar cell line connection
Arrangement and placing each solar cells, and placed a piece of ceramic tile interval between each battery, and use a pencil to draw on the back the position of the solar cell.
.The secret here is to put a small amount of glue on the washer, and don't move when doing other cells.You will have a board after the completion of spacers all places you put welding cell
And .

Keep this board as a pattern for later use.Laid the welding line from one cell in the weld of other cells continue until a line 9 welded together
Then three line 9 cells
.This arrangement will suit your frame design, but the most popular is 4 rows of 9 solar cells connected in series

Step 5How do you determine the v
, AmpsElectric power is not enough,
.When building solar panels or looking for solar panels
, you should know that the last power
, voltsAnd the amplifier you want the solar panel to produce

In determining the total power of a solar panel, we use this simple equation.:The watts is equal to the voltage multiplied by the current
So it is important to understand this formula
.Only know that two parts of the formula
You can also deduce the third component.For example,
To understand the basic formula
V(volts) x A(amps) = W(watts)Let's get the amp 100 watt 18 v panel
.V = W or W/V = x
100W/18v=5.55 ampsStep 6The location of the solar panels
.The most common place in your solar array in a house
Consider what factors hinder the sun on the panels.
On the top of the tree is a major concern, but also where is the location plays an important role on panel
.The direction of the sun passing through the house.The efficiency of the solar panels depends on the full of sunshine.
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