aluminum panels Magnesium Sheeting in Aerospace Engineering

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
The aviation industry is a lightweight but strong material that needs to protect passengers ' planes and millions of of dollars in equipmentThis is why the magnesium is adapt to the industry's project
. TodayOnce again, magnesium is widely used in aerospace industry.
Now by magnesium and aluminium alloy is mainly used to frame and each component in the whole plane
.It's not the first time.Before 1950, magnesium film was used on the plane.
, but replaced, because of a wide range of corrosion problems
First use of magnesium in aerospace called duralumin alloy
Created by German physicist Alfred Wilm

Aluminum in metal, copper, manganese
, and 2.8%镁
This combined with magnesium aluminum alloy as the foundation of aviation material structure is to develop and test
Also known as Durenener aluminum
In 1917, this metal was used to build the first successful complete metal aircraft, called J7.It was two years ago
Steel J1 even failed to take off
And .

The German army drove the Duluning aircraft during the First World War.After this
Magnesium is beginning to appear more frequently in aviation structures.Just like in the game
The car industry
, the use of magnesium before 20 subsided
- the first century, new technology created a is not easy to corrosion of magnesium
, but it's still lighter and stronger than the rest of the material around

The benefits of the new magnesium table
The newMagnesium tabletsIs the formation and combination of warm aluminum formula easier to corrosion
Magnesium alloy sheet is more likely to form part of the inside and outside of the plane
. It is also lighter and stronger than its predecessors.An attribute that today's aviation industry need a lot of aviation progress
.Where can I find magnesium sheet
Magnesium on commercial aircraft is not easy to find.
, especially those by airbus and Boeing

You can also find it on the helicopter

HoweverMagnesium is currently mainly present in the framework., big post
The window frame
Door plank of,
And more.New USES for magnesium alloy is developing every day
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