aluminum panels Machine Guards - Custom Versus Modular

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
When you consider all aspects of the machine guard guarding the machine, which is usually one of the most important aspects of the physical buildings to protect themselves
Traditionally made of welded steel and paint
In these changing times
More and more engineers are turning to the generality of aluminum profile protection and future verification design.Aluminum mechanical shield relative advantages of steel structure is that the supplier can in a short time, design a practical and economic protection device, and the end user can be quickly installed, and if necessary when you need to change easily modify the protective structure.
Because there is no welding aluminum guard and painting
And protect the structure can be changed in a short period of time
, no gap.Where you need a perimeter machine to guard the fence.Accessories, such as a large machines or robots
, users can access a wide range of standard panel size, with fast delivery and simple structure.
The panels are available black painted steel
Encryption, galvanized steel or aluminum mesh panels
. You can also use panels with painted steel, acrylic, polycarbonate,
, aluminum sheet and expanding of colored plastic
And .

There are many colors to match.Coordinate with the color scheme of the company

Machine sheeting made of aluminum profiles can be assembled in an instant, disassembly or repositioning is simple because there is no welding or paint.A complete modular fixed panel door and support
Clean the area
, plane complete profile can be used to reduce the slot, can prevent the dust into the
These are ready for shipment packaging flat panel.

This reduces the cost of transportation to the customeSome vendors also offer free design services, to help design assessment before the order
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