aluminum panels Lightning and Static Protection Best Practices for Oil and Gas Tank Batteries and Well Pads

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
Oil and gas production and disposal tank battery has high susceptibility to lightning and static damage.The following suggestions form a short list of best practices for tank batteries and well pads.Use the 3/4 "x 10 feet copper rod,At least 2 sites per site,Always at both ends of the battery.Large facilities will require more tank batteries to stick,Also need to ground in the process equipment,light poles,And truck loading station.Use tin-coated copper or aluminum class 1 lightning protection conductors and UL 96 listed materials throughout the Lightning and static protection system.Running a series of lightning conductors from the ground (Walking stairs in the first step)To another ground past all the tanks on the other side of the battery.The trunk line will be fixed on the lower side of the stairs and separated from the clip no more than 36 "along the walkway or pipe.The trunk line will be used to provide at least two paths to the ground for each tank.The lid and flange of each thief Hatch are combined with the aluminum belt listed by UL.Every thief hatched,Isolated metal bodies,catwalk,etc,Must be bound to the ground system so that the battery will rise and fall evenly.Remove accumulated static charges from glass fiber and coated steel tanks in liquid and vapor with static laser®The induction neutralizer is bonded to the grounding system.Streamer prevention terminal (Dissipators)Should be installed at no more than 15 feet of the spacing between tank and rail handrails.Consumables installed on PVC or fiberglass pipes are combined with the grounding system of class 1 lightning conductors.Consumables should also be installed in or near the tank batteries, such as all the tall structures of the VRTs separator,Heater treatment,Or light pole.The grounding of all electrical equipment shall be combined with the lightning protection grounding system of the water tank battery.A separate grounding system may cause the surge to take the path with minimal resistance on the device.Protection Panel,Inverter driver,PLC and ESP are systems by which type I surge protection devices are installed.The truck loading station is installed with a grounded static connection cable to ensure that the potential between the truck and the tank battery filler tube is balanced before the fluid transfer begins.
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