aluminum panels Let's Learn How to Make Solar Panels

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Use some basic tools and good construction techniquesSimilarly, you can make solar panels, even more than a commercial production of the panels
.Manufacturing solar panels required for material list
* xa0Tab ribbon
(narrow)* xa0bus ribbon(wide)* Xa0 aluminum
* xa0Aluminum table
(rigid)* xa0PV cells
* xa0 fibreboard* screws and nutsxa0Solder *
*xa02- place obstacles block
* xa0Electrical tape
Tools need to solar panels
* Plug-and-weld iron* xa0Caulking gun
* xa0Paint brush spreading pests
:: Sandsaw* xa0Screwdriver
* xa0 pencil*xa0Ruler*xa0DrillPanel output
The solar panels
, you must know the ultimate power
, voltsOr do you want your solar panels generate amperes

Your solar panel must use the same size and the same type of solar cell.Watt output = v x ampere
Number of cells requiredCalculate the amount of cells you need according to what you want the amount of voltage of the panel
.Panel layout
Now we need to plan the panel layout

Internode length and width
Considering the total length of the cell
In the space between the cells
And frame allowances
, up and down gap, calculate the length and width of the master panel

Bar stockWe need four pieces of frame bar
The width of the two panels should be the length of two horizontal and vertical panel
Cut and application TAB functional areas
Connecting cells to each other and the total LinAnd reduce the label ribbons
Connect each battery to four tabs, two pieces of welding on the opposite side of the blue, 2 pieces of welding on the front of silver.
Now welding two pieces of ribbon tags of each cell
.Do a layout template
It's time to create a layout template.Cut a piece of fiberboard sidebar panel
The layout of the using a pencil and ruler
, for the sake of the cell
, the label and the bus connector
.Weld cells togetheIn the layout template unit will be welded together
Connected to the positive label ribbon
(back) - every cell is welded
(faceOf the next cell in the string

Place each cell in the correct position on the template and weld it to the surface of the next cell.In each string
, out from behind the cell 2 belt of long tabulation is at the end of the string is end.
But on the other end of the string with no label to connect to it face is negative end of the string
A string of cells should change direction
So they can easily concatenate in series,(positive and negative
).When the string is normal
, the tab strap is soldered to the unit surface of the negative end of each string.After that
, weld the tab tape to the bus connector and weld to the stringAnd trim TAB
Then make the bus connector
.Now to prepare solar panels with these simple steps and is a leader in saving the environment, your hard-earned money
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