aluminum panels Kitchen Greenhouse Windows

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
The windows of the kitchen greenhouse must be these days, know how important it is to install them.I tried to tell you some important steps
, I hope you will find it is very useful
If you can't so easy to hire contractors to do the work for you
-so you can get out of a lot of pressure and money

Starting from removing the old window
, if it is an easy sliding glass panel
Lift the bottom
And .

Remove the panel, and the center breaks

Get the panel out.Remove exterior trim now
With a practical cutting knife paint
The rest of the cut
, this will give you access to aluminium window frames
. Release frameWhen the frame decomposition of freedom
And from the outside it
And .

Remove Old Window Box, smooth, windowsill
.The greenhouse window in the kitchen will have a fixed flange against the houseFlange will adhere to the window around the edge of the 2 x4.
A small piece of wall must be cut off
If you need to build a greenhouse windowsill
, use a nail gun to measure and to do it.

Pin the partition to the top of the interioNow add your cut
Cut off the wall.Insert the flash paper backing
Overlap, each part
Oh, fold the paper through the window.And take it
On the edge of the spread of caulking seal between the fins and frame
Move the window to the appropriate place
Nails fins into the framework of the house

Add another line of cementation and remove the adhesive sheetAnd .

Cut off the excess paper with a utility knife.Additional article of wood on the paper
This gives a trim fingernails
The decoration and another line around it.

This is basically a window change in the kitchen greenhouse

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