aluminum panels Jet-Set Extravagance Courtesy Lamborghini Reventon

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
Few car manufacturers (if any)Have the reputation of LamborghiniSince the early 60 sLamborghini produced exotic vehicles that inspired Zhuo and jealousy-Including Miura,the Countach (This helps popularize sharp-Reclining sports car)And Diablo.And,yet,The latest Lamborghini model still manages to top the reputation of its manufacturers.With a sleek,dark-gray (Or "matte gray" because it's called)exterior,Staring at Lamborghini, Raven is like staring at the future.It's cool to scream about everything about the vehicle.The statement can take two metaphors or literally, as Reventón includes some unique external features designed to prevent the high speed of overheating of components.The pumping fan is located below the rear LED brake light to pull the hot air out of the engine,And the opaque fins are attached to the aluminum wheel ring to help cool the ceramic brake rotor.Except for the roof and doors (It's made of steel.,All body panels (Even edge fins)By carbon-Fiber composite material.The interior of the vehicle is equally impressive.Comfortable suede and shiny carbon fiber everywhere.But this is not the most impressive component in the room-This will be the dashboard display.With three LCD screens,Drivers can choose the meter between various modes-Includes injection mode with G-force meter.If the jet connection seems appropriate,It's deeper-Revent ón is deliberately designed to feel in mind with jet.Inspired by invisible F-22 Raptor,One of the most effective fighters in the worldThe brand and design director of Lamborghini,Manfred Gerrard has created a vision for each of his designers based on jet valves.He then chose his favorite design and sent the team to perfect it.Still,Despite all the bells and whistles at the end of the design,In terms of performance,Reventón is not actually doing more than Lamborghini murseélp640.Like a tacit understanding.There's a V in Reventón-12 engine,Through six controls-Speed Manual transfer is similar to the top at a speed of 211 miles.And Reventón has a slight edge at murci é lago at horsepower (650 instead of 640),Murci é lago has a slightly faster pick-up time (0 ~ 62 mph in 3.3 seconds compared to 3 of Reventón.4 seconds).Certainly,though,No one will confuse the label on Reventón with the $300 of murceél ago000 ball park price.The limited-The cost of car art is nearly $1.4 million (Or 1 million euros).Don't let your hope,millionaires -Only 21 reventóns will be built and all they have been sold (Except that a car will be stored in the Lamborghini vault).So,If you don't make money (The cost of producing vehicles does not leave much profit margin),What is the point?More than anything.Revent ón is the height of Lamborghini-The final position in the automotive industry.While producing an expensive car is not necessarily practical, just to gain visual appeal in a world of economic hardship and debilitating gas prices,What's worth saying about the excess awe.No one is as awesome or excessive as Lamborghini.
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