aluminum panels Investment in Africa

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
Africa remains a continent rich in natural resources and human resources that has not yet been developed.These resources are waiting for investors inside and outside the mainland to enter and receive dividends.The various departments that require investors are listed below, but not limited:Agriculture.Although many administrative authorities have tried to develop this sector, it has not been developed.The African continent has enough arable land to grow agricultural products.The land is so fertile that there is enough sun to shine and rain to fall.And moderate investment,Guarantee of profit and return on investment.Some areas of investment in agriculture are planting and animal husbandry.Investment in the field of planting, but not limited

Cash crop (Palm tree plantations,Palm oil production,palm kernel,cocoa,rubber,groundnut,etc),Grain cultivation (Yam production,Production and Processing of cassava,Rice production,beans etc),Animal husbandry (poultry,piggery,fishery,snail,Honey production.Therefore, investing in cash planting such as palm trees or coca production,West Africa-Regional countries such as Nigeria should be considered,Togo,Republic of Benin,Cameroon.The regions of these countries should be in the South.These areas have good weather conditions for these crops.Mining.There are large solid deposits on the mainland,The liquid and gas minerals that still need to be invested in her soil.Although this sector has been greatly explored by governments,But still no exploration.Many of these deposits are found every year.Some minerals are but are not limited:Gold,Silver,Coal,Tin,Limestone,Iron ore,Zinc,Crude oil,Natural gas, etc.These deposits are in the following countries:Nigeria (crude oil,iron ore,limestone,coal,tin etc)Ghana (gold,crude oil etc)South Africa (aluminum,tin,coal etc).These deposits are abundant,Need to explore.Energy.The mainland is so blessed with the sunshine of the whole year,Many bodies of water,wind and so.These natural resources can be strengthened to generate electricity.Many African countries do not have enough electricity to drive their industries.Electricity is required in the following countries,Nigeria,Togo,Little Equatorial gear,Republic of Benin, etc.Fortunately, these countries have enough sunshine,natural gas,and petroleum.These can be used to generate renewable power using solar panels and their components or gas turbines or oil generators.Production.The African continent relies heavily on goods imported from Europe,Asia,America etc.Production plants can be built close to the source of raw materials.And her rich human resources,The cost of labor will be cheap.In this way,Finished products can be exported to other continents, making great wealth.It is always important to position any industry to the source of raw materials, as this will reduce production costs.These raw materials come from agriculture,mining,The oil industry exports to other continents,Therefore, the production cost and product cost are increased.Available human resourcesThe labor costs there will be low.It's time for investors to go to Africa and tap into her rich resources.
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