aluminum panels Introducing the Pontiac Solstice

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
The Pontiac winter solstice is the latest craze in Detroit.However,It has been hard to find one on the street because all the 2006 production has been sold out.I started seeing some on the road in recent weeks.But they are still a scarce discovery.So far, in the past 15 years, the summer solstice has entered a market dominated by foreign companies:Rear wheel drive,two-seater,Lightweight convertible.This niche market has always been dominated by Nissan 50Z,Since the beginning of 1990s, Honda S2000,Mazda, MitaFirst introduced at the 2002 North American International Auto Show,The summer solstice was hit from the beginning.Many enthusiasts are yelling at GM to build the car and build it quickly.GM has already made these two requests,Complete retail sales in less than 3 years.Production began in the first one,000 cars in the summer of 2005.The summer solstice is the first behind all the new Kappa in GM-Wheel drive platform.Rapid production is to build the car by robbing the parts box.Many parts are shared with other General Motors.For instance,Fog lights shared with Pontiac Grand Prix,the back-The light came from the GMC Envoy.Heating and air conditioning control is from Hummer H3,Transfer from Chevrolet Colorado and back bridge to Cadillac CTS.By incorporating these parts into the winter solstice,The design team was able to focus more time and money on the center of the Summer solstice:Driving a train,Suspension and exterior.The summer solstice is 2 by GM.4L Ecotec four cylinder engine,Provide 177 horsepower and 166 feet lb torque.The four cylinders are effective for the summer solstice, but it does not offer spectacular straight line performance figures.With 0-60 times just a shadow for 7 seconds and quarter miles in the middle of 15,It's fast and flexible, and that's what it's designed.For those brains-blowing speed,There are after-sales companies that install the GM v8 to provide up to 400 horsepower in these cars.This produces a lot of improved straight line performance considering that the summer solstice weighs only about 3000 pounds with v8.The performance of the V8 quarter mile is 12 seconds from mid to high,with 0-60 times in the range of 4 seconds in the medium term

Quite amazing!Almost the entire lower body and body panels are formed using hydraulic forming.Hydraulic forming is when high-The pressure fluid is used to push the shape of the steel, which is simply impossible with the traditional steel stamping process.Use it in this instance to keep the body shape as close to the prototype as possible.It's not practical high-The volume model, because it needs far more than the traditional means.The Solstice,With Corvette.It is the only hydraulic chassis for General Motors to sport completely.The suspension is completely independent, using the Billstein coil-over mono-Pipe impact in all corners.Anti-The scroll bar strengthens the processing of the summer solstice before and after.The standard tire is 245/45 R18 Goodyear Eagle RSAMounted on 18 inch aluminum alloy wheels.The stop power is provided by the fourth grade of the University-Wheel disc brake.The opening of the whole transaction is that the summer solstice only starts at $19,995,Including destination charges.This may be a bit misleading as this base model does not include air conditioning or-lock brakes,Most people choose two options.These two options push the price to around $21.500.I wish you a find in 2006.Since all sales and dealers also charge for the stickers on them.For those who want better performance,Stay tuned for 2007 as the Summer Solstice GXP will appear.GXP will be powered by 2.0L Ecotec 4 cylinder,GM's first turbocharged Ecotec in the United States.Turbo 2.0L provides 260 horsepower and 260 feet lb torque,A huge improvement over naturally aspirated 2.4L Ecotec.In addition, GXP will have unique front and rear fascias,High polished double outlet exhaust,Stable vehicle stability system,a 3.Rear Gear ratio and GXP specific gauge clusters and seat stitching after 73.Pricing for GXP has not yet been released.In the end,The summer solstice is an incredibly interesting car driving its stylish look,Great handling and top down appeal, which makes it impossible to miss.Personally, I can't wait to test it on the self-driving course.Because this is where the winter solstice will really shine.In the next few years, with the increase of after-sales parts products year by year, these products are pouring in on the road.It looks like GM has future success in their hands-Great work in their part!
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