aluminum panels Installing Solar Panels: What Is a Complete Solar Panel System?

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
With concerns about toxic pollutionRising power costs,Reduced supply of fossil fuelsThe desire to use solar energy is increasing rapidly.Few,however,Really understand what a complete solar power system is,Since most of the information available is concentrated on commercial or DIY solar panels,Failed to mention the rest required to create a functional system.This paper will introduce four components of a complete solar power generation system,so,If you decide to convert to solar,You will know clearly what you are entering.There are three main parts of a solar panel,A housing unit,solar cells,And a cabling system.The housing unit is the most commonly used metal frame,Usually aluminum,Solid backing,It can be made of various materials,and a glass,or Plexiglas,front cover.Housing units must be deleted,Strong and waterproof,Damage due to moisture or warping.Some solar cells are installed on the back panel.Most commonly,There will be 36 solar panelsBut it does vary depending on the voltage of the cell and the output required for each panel.These solar cells are usually made of silicon.When the sun hits this electron,Generate current.This current is then sent,and,eventually,Panel by wiring system.The wiring system of the solar panel itself is made of so-called silk.This is a long flat line, welded to the back of each cell in the panel,Connect them and allow the current to be passed from cell to cell.Part of the solar panel wiring system is the so-called blocking diode.It is a small but important device that prevents the current from reversing and traveling back to the solar panel.Solar panels do not generate enough power in practice-Time to power people's equipmentThey will not generate any electricity once the sun goes down.To overcome this problem,We must integrate the use of power storage systems,The battery.The most important information about batteries is that they are 12 volts.This fact determines the voltage output needed for almost all solar panels.The second basic information about batteries in solar power generation systems is that they must be so-called deep-cycle batteries.Deep cycle batteries are specially designed to charge and then completely run out,Over and over again.If you do that?for example,Standard car batteries,You will destroy them soon.Finally,Because a battery is not enough to meet the needs of most systems,A bunch of batteries must be connected together.This set of connected batteries is called battery packs.A fully functional array of solar panels will generate a lot of power all day long.Sometimes,though,Our batteries are fully charged.If a fully charged battery is injected with a steady current,They will be damaged.This is necessary,therefore,Install a device that can determine the charging level of the battery bank and then use that information to adjust the amount of energy sent to them.The device that does this is called the charging controller.The last piece of a complete solar power generation system is the so-called power inverter.As mentioned above,Battery Bank is 12-volt systems.In addition,They use the so-called DC system.or,for short,a DC system.Electrical appliances at home,On the other hand,use 120-V ac,or AC,systems.Because of this,We have to take 12-Volt DC energy enters 120 from our battery bank-We can use it to power our appliances before volts exchange energy.If you want to power your home with solar energyRemember, it's not just solar panels that you need to generate electricity.You also need a battery bank to store your energy.A charging controller to adjust your power,And an inverter that converts your power into a form that you can actually use.The system that lacks any of the above components does not work at all.Thanks for reading,I wish you the best improvement project with all your family.
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