aluminum panels Installing Fencing Around Your Home

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
If you are thinking of installing fencing around your new home, there are a few things to consider before you do so.1.What is the purpose of the fence?2.What type or style of fence do I like?3.What kind of fence will do the work I need it to do?4.What will it cost?5.Can I install it myself?6.The most important thing isDo I know where my property line is?Required Tools-Backhole excavator,Long handle tip shovel,string line,Measuring tape,Plastic cutting blades for power saws,Extension cord,Concrete mixing basin,4' level.Tripod and level can be rented if your property is tilted,Will come in handy to keep the fencing horizontal line when you step down (or up)In different regions,Safety glasses and good working gloves.The wrench is necessary to tighten the clamping bolts, but a good ratchet and socket will save a lot of time.MATERIALS-Fencing with all appropriate accessories,caps,rails,etc.Concrete Redi-mix,(bagged)There are very few wood chips temporarily supported.There are many,Many types of fencing, including chain links,wood,aluminum,plastic,There are just a few PVC names.All are fences but have different abilities to do different jobs.If you put a fence that contains a pit bull of 150,The soft plastic roller fence will certainly not work.If you use the fence to protect your garden?The work that soft plastic roll fencing or chicken wire fencing may do.Determine what a fence is, which will cause your fencing type to be available for your purposes.For our example,Let's say we're setting up a fence to protect one in-Pool on the ground.Several fencing types will work well for this app.Chain link,steel,Both Wood and PVC have high strength materials.An in-In most states, the ground pool needs to be 48 "high fence minimum, when these types are checked,They are all at that height.PVC fencing has different heights,It is sturdy and durable, and provides vertical slats, an acceptable pool fence.Although the high-end price scale,PVC fencing has a long life and requires very little maintenance for other occasional cleaning.The fence locked the gate.finials,Corner posts and other decorative accessories can be added to create a beautiful fence in the area by your swimming pool.DIY self-installed?The most convenient homeowner can do the job and a little time and care can create a good finished product.The wooden fence has many styles and heights.Panels are usually 8' in length, so help is needed to handle these large chunks.The timber fence requires support columns for concrete settings and can be modified by cutting and re-modifyingStrange shapes and obstacles of nails.Chain link fencing to galvanized (gray),Wire color in black and green.Plastic coating types are also available.The chain is a wide roll from 4' to 12.Top,The middle and bottom rails may need to support the fence and keep it straight and tight.Fencing is held on steel columns set in concrete,Contact the heavy gauge loop.A special tool is needed to bend these connections.Another special tool is called, "come-a-"Long" is the Post that must be stretched between fencing tight before tying.Different instruments (thickness')The wires are available and you get what you pay.The thin wire type will have a shorter life span than a heavier wire.This fencing is not cheap to buy or install, so invest in a long time to use.There are generally 4' wide rolls in soft plastic roller fencing.Steel or wood support columns are required to install the fence.This type of fence is considered only for temporary use and is usually seen on construction sites and along roads.Fence posts can be driven with sledding hammers, there may be pre-Make the hook the hole in their fencing.This kind of fence is cheap and considered a one-off.The wind does a real average job on this fence and requires high maintenance.INSTALLATION-Layout-Lay out your fence line carefully so you can measure the length,corner posts,gates,etc.You need the job.Gates in 3 ',4',Width of 6' and 8.The larger width is available in a special order.Write down the measurement results.Don't try and remember when you arrive at the store.With your measurements in hand,Have a drink and we will find out what you need.Corner posts are easy to count.How many corners did you put in the fence?Let's say 4.Write posts in 4 corners.Gates.How much and what size do you want?Is there a lawn in the fence area?Are you going to go in and cut the grass with your lawn tractor?Make sure at least one door is wide enough.Ok,We decided we needed a 3'door walkway and a 6' door to cut the grass,cleaning,etc.Write it on your list of materials.In our case, our fence is 36' to form a square on each side.Gates is one on both sides.Therefore,The other parties need fencing or 72 for x 36 '.WRITE it down.There is a 6' door on one side, so the 30 'fence is required.The other door is 3 'wide so 33' fencing is the last side needed.Now add all the fence numbers together and we find that we need the 13 ''fence.Posts-If we know that the fencing we choose has a 6' length, we will need the pillars for every 6' foot and every side of each door.A little math shows we need 25 posts.Every 6' post,Add an extra hold 3 'door.WRITE it down.You will use about a bag of concrete any more than 4 ''high Per pile.These are your basic materials plus some misc.The support of nails and waste wood is also required.Go and buy your project and place it in the area to be installed.The fence columns for pressure handling are in the shape of a round and square shape.The length is generally from 6' to 12.Why so long?If you are installing a 6 ''fence, you will need to bury at least 3 feet to support it on the ground.This means 9' posts.There are other wood types on the pillars as well.Cedar,redwood,Willow posts are still available in some areas.Willow post can be re-processed if you leave-Root, and create a "life", fence in the wet area.INSTALLATION-Do we have all the materials?OK let's go.Start from a cornerDig your first postal hole.Don't cheat.The shallow hole will weaken your fence and shorten its life.12 "wide holes are acceptable fence columns.Continue now along the side of the fence line until all the holes are dug.If you're using a pair of hand-mounted hole excavators,Your arm is now worn out.If you're using the power post you rented,It should make short-term work on this trivia.Put your two end positions in their holes.Use your 4' level to drop them down and install two temporary braces on each level to keep them down.Done so, I will save some of your work here.Pour a bag of concrete into each hole to dry.OH,OH.Where is the concrete?Didn't you get it?Did you write it down?I'm not telling you if you look back.OK.Get concrete,You need a break.Seriously,It's a good habit to start writing all the items you need before you go shopping.It saves a lot of time and extra travel.OK, now there is a dry bag of concrete in each hole;Put your garden hose without a nozzle.Start putting water on top of dry concrete and push the concrete up and down and push the hose in and out of the concrete will be mixed in the hole by using your shovel.Don't let it get too wet.Some soups are good, but try not to separate the ingredients with too much water.There are several brands of redi-The mixed bagged concrete is available and they all work this way.You can now start the holes on the 2nd side, while the first two positions of concrete drying.Perform the same functions as the position in the next corner and 4 positions until the position in all corners is set in specific.Go back to your first two posts.Using your string line,Tie it to the first post and run it to the post in the next corner and tie it up so that it teaches you that you can be between posts.Make sure the string is tight to the same side of both posts.If you are using internal or external, it doesn't matter as long as they are all the same.Now you can install the mid-term post without a lot of measurements.After simply pacing the string,You will have them all on the same line.Double check if your spacing is correct.The post may be in the center of the hole, but this is OK.All posts are on the sidePour them into concrete.Try not to leave holes open overnight to prevent rain and children or animals from falling into them.Work your way around your fencing until all posts are set up.Fencing-Each protection type has its own installation method.If required, the height and length of the wood fence can be cut by hand or round saw.Stick the board to your post using quality galvanized nails or screws.Nail at least 12 "in the center to ensure a good support panel.The wind can cause serious damage to the fence that is not properly nailed.Keep the level at the top of the panel.Nothing is worse than a fence with a sloping or uneven top.If the ground changes,Take a step at the top of the fence to accommodate the slopes,But keep the highest level in all cases.Many states have good laws about who can "see" the fence.In my area,After the neighbors see the bad side;The neighbors next to see the good side.The front usually has a good side to the look of the street.Your place may have its own local law governing this and the height of the front yard fence.Check before installing the fence.Chain guard has different installation rules and work that different devices need to do.The Post setting is basically the same, except that the post is steel.Ask your retailer for advice on the rear spacing of the height fence you purchased.After setting up the pillars and pouring concrete,You must expand the fence next to the pillar.Slide over the end bar, which is a flat metal at the height of your fencing.Stand carefully at the end of the fence, to the first post,Place the end clamp on the post and end and fix the supplied bolt on the post.Now when you stretch the fence,You really pull in the post and the bar is not in the fencing itself.The Wire and tie have different length and gauge.A special wire tool is available that will bend the link chain.Ask your dealer.Pliers can be used but difficult.Invest in tools.Once you fix the link ring on the first postYou must stretch fencing to get the tension condition between the columns.The chain link does not stretch and will sag if it is not tightened.By using another end bar,Insert it at the other end of your fence running,Stay away from your starting point in one corner or at least a few posts.Wrap it up-a-At the end of the post and hook (termination)bar.Come through the crank-a-long up tight,You will pull the fence from one end to the other.Available in hardware or tool stores,Come-A-Long posts and hooks that will hook at one end will be connected to end or end bar pull.By shaking the handle,You are pulling the cable reel of the fencing frame.Once you tighten the fencing,You can start installing wires on intermittent columns,Tie the fence to the postAt least three ties are used for each position,Put one at the bottom,Middle and top posts.Once all posts are tied,You can release it carefully -?a-Long and move to the lower part of the fence.Corner is a bit tricky fencing tight, but after a few posts are completed,You will get the hang of it.Remember-Every time you end the fence,The end or termination bar must be installed.A 4 feet fence requires at least three fixtures per bar.If your fence is over 4 feet,You may need to install the top rail to prevent the fabric from bending or bending between the columns.Of course you can use one on a 4 feet fence, but it usually doesn't need it.If your fencing is for safety or the swimming pool around,You may also want to install a bottom track to prevent unnecessary intruders from bowing down the fence and sliding down.If your goal is to keep rodents away from your gardenYou can bury about 1 feet of the fence fabric in the ground, as many rodents are only a few inches below the grade.Plastic or PVC protection-These fences are usually high-end (costly)Product but due to its long lasting appearance and very low maintenance,A day is becoming very popular.Unless you like to dye your fence every year,This is probably the way to go.The installation is basically the same wood or chain connection, as long as it goes after installation, but the extra care must be the rule when handling and screwing together to avoid damaging the PVC finish part.The finish of the cut or scratch will be lasting.Locate your fence-If you put the fence around the garden or the pool,Chances are you won't encounter a conflict with the property line.However,If you are installing a property line fence,Make sure you know where the property row is located.Bushes,Tree lines or stone walls are not good and reliable indicators for attribute lines.You may have trimmed a lawn for years, but it doesn't make it your property.You may have been nice to your neighbors for years.I have heard how someone is sure that this is their line that is absolutely only found after they install the fence and their neighbors sue them and have deleted it.The survey map will show the shape of the property and the location of the adjacent street.Most will display accurate position angle pins.Attribute angle (Usually a monument to steel pipes or concrete.You can find it from your site plan or survey map, and don't guess where your property line is located.There are a lot of investigation and legal corner marking settings.This way your investment will not be wasted in your fence.Fencing is usually a multi-weekend project, but with a little concern, you can have a beautiful finished project that saves a lot of Labor.
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