aluminum panels Installing an Aluminum Awning

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
Many awning companies sell do-it-Own awning kit.If you use the tips you learn here and the instructions provided by your kit, this should be a fairly easy project.You will start to see the horses on the gutters and hangers a few.Place a tape measurement on the drain and make a pencil mark on each foot.Make the same hanger.These marks will be used later to keep the squares of the panel running.Next, you should install hangers in your home using 1 1/2 "hex head screws.At the top of the hanger,Next to the home,Run silicone beads.You will install flashing later and seal again,This is just an increase in insurance against leakage.Preparing the drainage ditch is the next step.Start by entering 18 "at each end of the drain and place a mark for your end brackets.You need to do a little math to place the rest of your brackets evenly.Place each bracket with a self-tapping screw in a drain near an internal corner.This makes it easier to go back and drill holes to insert nuts and bolts.Before you attach posts to the back brackets, it's better to narrow them down to size.This step involves a little bit of math.Keep the drain as close as possible to its permanent location, you can.Measure it from home and see its square.This is as accurate as what you need now.See the horse using your level and some wooden blocks as a trench on the level of shims.Most of the time, one end of the gutter will be closer to the ground than the other.Start at the end of the year, go to hangers.Measure the distance to the ground.You will want a slope of at least half an inch per foot to your awning.If your hanger is 9' the projection from the ground and your awning is 12' your first post should be 8' 6 ".This will give you 6 "slopes of the awning.Measuring from the ground to the gutter, your first position will be.To the second position and measures,The difference measured will be added to 8'6 "when you cut your second post.Do this until all posts are cut to the correct length.When the pillars are cut, they can be attached to the pillar holder on the groove.You can do the same way as a bracket gutter.When you drill and insert the bolt, fix the post in place with a self-tapping screw.This is the end of ground work,It's time for the ladder.You will need a panel and two ladders set at one end of the awning.The two will put the ladder on the panel and attach it to the hanger.People on the outside ladder will only hold the panel.When the panel is connected to the hanger, the person gives one end of the drain to the person holding the panel.He then lifts the drain into the air the way he works.When the gutter is up the panel can be connected.A person still holds the gutter by post at the other end.The person on the gutter ladder now moves the ladder to the other end of the awning,Get up and hold the ditch.The man of the hanger will move his ladder and attach his second panel to the end.People in the gutter will do the same, and the awning will now stand on its own.Depending on the length of the awning, you will need at least one panel in the center to maintain the drain line.The longer awning will require several single panels.You can now start together at both ends with locking several panels.Make sure they stay in the footprints and attach only one screw at each end.When you have about 5 panels make sure the awning is square.The gutter can move back and forth until the ends of all the panels are straight.Now you can insert the second screw into each screw and complete the installation of the panel.You will need an anchor awning at some point.If it's a relaxing day, you might want to do that when half of the panels are in place.On a calm day you can install all the panels and anchor it.The awning can be anchored to concrete or into dirt.A safe stake,Or use when the anchor is installed to dirt.Concrete is also applied to the surrounding ground anchors.Customize the suitable side fascia when panel mounting and awning anchoring is certain.The lateral fascia is usually a few inches longer than necessary so that both ends can be custom cut at the Mitter.You should try to keep the fascia tightly behind the drain and rinse with the home.Now you should run out of all your parts, except for flashing and a screw.Flashes on the top of the awning and is sealed to the home.You should use a lot of screws and put the flashing home first.You will then insert a screw by flashing to the top of each panel lock.Silicone is applied to seal flashing to the home.
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