aluminum panels Impinger & Conveyor Ovens

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
As the name implies,The transfer furnace allows the operator to place uncooked food on the moving surface (Conveyor belt),Plan the device to move the food at a specific speed through the heated oven cavity,Food is also served.The transfer stove can be used to cook everything from meat and sandwiches to pastries and breads.Their advantage is project consistency.In this articleBurger King is testing a delivery broiler program that promises to use much less power from 25 to 50% than traditional fried foods.The Impinger/transfer furnace is a regular equipment for many busy food service facilities."Impact", the meaning of the word is "a sharp blow"This is the basic premise of air impact during cooking:to blast high-velocity,Heat the air into the oven cavity.The purpose of the air is to focus on food, to move the conveyor belt horizontally in stainless steel or to create a wire mesh.The belt can be adjusted to move at different speeds for various lengths of cooking time.The air moves with enough force to replace the organic layer of cold air, directly around the cooked food,The cooking time is shorter than the traditional oven.Because the impactor/transfer furnace is automatic,High quality output in line with minimum employee supervision,And very little training is required to run the oven.The hot-The air jet is located above and below the conveyor.Some ovens even have separate controls on different areas of the oven.Allow Independent setting of air temperature and pressure.This so-The so-called partition cooking is another feature from the state-of-the-art oven.The air is forced by the fingerboard,It looks almost like a screen,Lace with small holes.Different types of panels are used to make various types of food,But the basic premise is that the project is cooked quickly (e.g.,a pizza)Less hole panels are needed to limit airflow,And thicker items take longer cooking time (Lasagna, for example)The need for more holes in the panel allows more hot air to hit them.According to the type of food,It can be placed in a pan about the conveyor belt,From thin aluminum fish or frozen French fries,Pork chops with thicker stainless steel.Porcelain cookware is also suitable.If you're baking protein products-burgers,sausage,chicken,And similar-Looking for oven with built-in-Control in grease and smoke.Impact/transfer furnaces with four different heat sources:The infrared and quartz models are electrical and natural-Convection and coercion-The convection model can be gas-powered or electric.No matter what heat source,Most models require a small motor to move the conveyor belt.The gas-The fired oven operates from 39000 to 180,000 Btus;Most are in 70,000-to 75,000-Btu range.The electric version takes 10 to 27 KW per hour and 3-phase power.They all need exhaust pipes.The temperature of the oven at the impactor/conveyor ranges from 300 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit,And the delivery speed is variable.The conveyor belt is generally about 7 feet long,Even if only about 3 feet of it is located in the baking room.No door on either side from the oven,But usually there is a small viewing door close to the middle, so you can check the progress of the project from the cooking line or location if they don't need half of the complete conveyor belt to do it.The most enthusiastic user of this oven is to carry it with you-Pizza restaurant,Thanks to speed and easy to cook with pizza,But their manufacturers say the conveyor oven is versatile enough to be used in hundreds of different ways.The impactor/conveyor oven can be stacked on a double deck and/or positioned at the caster station.Options include dual straps,Run side by side at different speeds to make different food at the same time.
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