aluminum panels How You Can Make a Solar Cooker

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
Solar cooker is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to use solar energy,Whether it's your first foray into solar power or you have solar panels covering your roof.And, while the design of making your own solar cooker in print and online is not in short supply,Each last one uses the same simple principle.The bare-The skeleton solar rice cooker introduced in this paper uses the most basic materials.Truly,You can build a fully functional solar cooker all your own for less than $10.The materials you need to collect to build your own solar stove are:O 2 rectangular cartons;O 4 flat cardboard pieces;O extra boxes and cardboard (Cut into pieces);O 1 aluminum foil roll (18" wide);O 1 double-Strength glass (1/2 "smaller than the length and width of 2 cartons;o black paint;O White Paper glue.The solar cooker consists of 2 main elements:o an oven;2 cases include oven to your solar stove.One of them must be able to fit in the other about 2-3 "extra space around.A good size outer box of a medium size Sun pan is about 120-160 square inches.The smaller box is the food you will place and your sun pan is cooking.The solar collector consists of four flat cardboard plates.Their size should be around 2'x3.Avoid double-Strength cardboard because it is not suitable for this task.Now, chop up some of your extra cardboard carefully so you can put them in your 2 cases larger.Put enough of this so that when you put the smaller box on the larger one,Its top edge is an inch below the outer box.Next in the opposite flap of your larger box, then put the smaller box inside.Cut more spare cardboard into space between two boxesGood for the smaller one.Put the pieces in such a way,When the glass pieces are placed on the top of the small box,It creates a seal so the heat does not escape.You should,however,Be able to wedge the glass under one finger when it is in your solar stove so you can lift it up when you need it.Next,Paint your pan in black.The use of solar energy requires a collector to "capture" itAre you ready to do yours now?Take your flat sheet paper pieces and cut them into a ladder shape.The ladder is a parallel line of two lengths (one shorter,one longer)Connected by two diagonal lines, in equal operation,but opposite,angles (Think of an iron hammer,Like a Buggs Bunny Drop in his unsuspecting mark).In this case,Shorter edges should be the same length and width as the outer box,And a wider internal perspective (Where diagonal lines are connected to shorter parallel linesshould be 60°.Stick the flap of the big box outside the box.Stick the aluminum foil to one side of your hammer-The shape of the solar collector.Then stick together the collection of solar cookersFoil side facing.The shorter edges are attached to the edges of the outer box.The angle edge of the collection device is bonded to each other.Longer edges,of course,Become the outer edge of the collector of your solar cooker,Open to catch the sun.Once put together,Your Sun pan should look a bit like a lampshade filling head and enter a box at an angle.You have it there!Now you have a general idea of how to use solar energy with your own Sun pan,We must admit the obvious-There are several complex details in the process that can make the construction of your sun pan easier, which will certainly greatly improve its overall benefits.But this article is hoping to give you the knowledge and confidence to see if you can do that,It may be easier and cheaper than you thought before.[Noted Mihai-Feel free to add this if you like (Reworded in version 2 to facilitate you:Return to this site for the upcoming follow-up-This article, "how to use solar cooker ".]
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