aluminum panels How to Replace Aluminum Windows With Vinyl

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
How to replace aluminum windows and vinyl home improvement forum has been improved several timesToday I introduce my answer how to do the best
.I must first stressed the point that, there is no one of the best ways to do it.
In addition to
''- compared with other people
For example,
The style of the house
Is this a stucco house?, the age, frame, glass, etc.
.Let me say that before I forget
- you will need a helper
He or she will be able to help build ethylene at the bottom of the window at the bottom of the aluminum track and also help the raised position
. Basically, when you take care of others, a helper is useful in keeping everything in place

If the window is a reform it should have a additional interior decoration
In this case
, drill a 3/9 inch hole in the frame area, you want to screw it in.Usually has three holes on the top and sides
.Then remove the old panel and add a heavy dent to the surface of the old aluminum plateYou will need your assistant to set the bottom of the new window to old aluminum at the bottom of the orbit, then promoted to the position.
.Now take it when you enter the center assistant window open
You should slip panel to open the mouth, then adjust gasket or the bottom left corner of the square
. Can be placed between the bottom of the window sill and frame filler material to fill the gasket
.Once you get it, it's square three.Inch of the deck screws through the holes before the drill into the wooden peg
And .

Make sure you're not too tight.After insert the staff at the top and then delete the sliding plate on both sides
.Drive a screw at the bottom center to ensure that your caulking
. After that,To go back and back
Install the sliding panel
. Now go back to the gap filling holes where the fin fellowship with outer surface of the house
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