aluminum panels How to Properly Install a Solar Panel

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Solar energy is the most economical and environment-friendly hot way,Just a little effort to get electricity and water.This is the preferred way to get enough energy to meet your daily needs.Solar energy has made the use of solar panels more and more popular.The solar power generation system can actually collect energy from the sun and convert it into renewable energy for your daily use.This article will focus on some points that need to be considered when installing solar panels.1.Before installing solar panelsMake sure you get permission from local authoritiesMany cities prohibit the use of these products for aesthetic reasons.Before installing, please contact the local regional authorities in your area to have a license.2.They are usually installed on the roof to receive the direct and maximum amount of sunlight.It is essential to install solar panels in one place, and it is directly exposed to the sun in order to perform at the best capacity.The position angle can be easily calculated based on the latitude they are installing.Make sure the structural integrity of the roof can support the huge panels of your home.3.The next step in installing solar photovoltaic panels is to install them.The three main types of solar panel mounts are polar mounts,roof-Ground installation system,And flush mount.With these mounts, you can install these on the roof or use them as a separate unit.General roof-The ground installation system is used to connect the panel to the roof and provide support to the panel from the bottom.The roof-Ground installation also allows the adjustment of the system to produce the required power output.Make sure the installation is placed at a distance of about 48 inch and directly on the top of the roof beam.Each must be installed correctly to align and correlate to the sun.Each installation section must be checked carefully to ensure they are safe, sound and leak-proof.4.Help the pilot.Drill a hole in the Mount to keep the tie rod together to prevent splitting.Use stainless steel pull bolts to connect the mounted base.After installation, it should be fixed to the base.Keep in mind that the metal of the roof flashes on each mount to prevent leakage of the roof.Connect the solar rack made of aluminum to the metal guide rail to complete the racing system.Now, with the help of enough hardware, connect the panel to the racing system.Please make sure that both the panel and the racing system are properly cleaned according to the local electrical code.5.Finally,Connect the panel by setting all the connections on the back of each panel and fixing the wires to the corresponding terminals.After connecting the wires,Close all open junction boxes.Your solar panels are now installed and ready to be used.You can now turn on the lights and use your own energy.Indeed,Solar technology will provide you with satisfactory and competent services for several years.
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