aluminum panels How to Make Solar Panels

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
One of the information many green enthusiasts are looking for is how to make solar panels.The reality is that with the right knowledge and some simple parts you can learn how to make solar panels,The price you can do this, anyone can afford it.In this article, we will discuss how to make solar panels.More specifically, we will give you a list of solar panels that you need to make your own at home,Then give you the steps you need to build your solar panel.How to make solar panels -?When it comes to making your own solar panels,cheaply,Purchasing parts correctly is everything.The basic components you need include:1.Solar Cells -Generate power.2.Tabbing Wire -Connect the solar cells together.3.Solder -Connect the watch line to a solar cell.4.Bus Wire -Get everything done together in a series.5.Plywood -6.Frame material (Square aluminum tube or 1 × 2 Wood)-Build a frame on top of plywood.7.Organic glass or Lexus-Seal your Assembly Unit,Protect your solar cells8.Silicone -Make sure the whole unit is sealed.9.Miscellaneous hardware-Screws,Put it all together.The most important component is the solar cell itself.For most peopleA suitable solution is to select your standard 2 Watt polycrystal cells.The efficiency of these types of solar cells is thinner than the current-film cells,But the difference in efficiency is only about 7%.The cost difference is about 400% (In other words, thin-Expensive membrane cells).By selecting to use standard cells,Can be used on websites such as eBay,You will make yourself build a 100 W panel for about $125.Some even choose to chop,or B-Grade cells,Produce the same amount of power, but the standard of a defective manufacturer (Corner of Ie chopped,etc).With this choice of solar cells, a full 100 watt panel could cost less than $70.With the parts in hand, you are now ready to start putting everything together to make your solar panels.How to make solar panels -?The steps to create a solar panel are actually quite easy.If you need help at this point, we recommend buying one of the top guides for DIY solar energy.They can help as they include illustrations and videos to show exactly what you need to do.It's really not that difficult to say the steps needed,Anyone has the ability to build solar panels.Before you start, you need to see how many solar cells you have and then divide them into even numbers.For example, if you have 50 cells that make a panel of 100 watts,You can choose to make 10 cells in 5 rows.Gradually making solar panels:1.Tag your solar cell -?Cut two production wires for each unit.These should be twice the width of the cell.These wires are then welded to the cell itself.2.Connect the cells-All cell labels,Start concatenating cells.The wire goes from the top of a cell to the bottom of the next cell (-to +).Continue this until the number of rows you decide before you start.3.BUILD panel-Using plywood and 1x2,Cut the right size to hold your series of cells from plywood and then build a frame around it.4.Place the solar cell series in the panel-Place the solar cells in the panel.Before you nail them down with siliconeConnect two more tabulation lines to the end of each series (So, you have a connected side of the series and-Connection closed Other.5.Connect it together-Once the unit is located in the panel, the bus lead wire cut that can span two sets of units will be made.Connect them together so that you connect the positive edges of a group to the negative edges of the next group.Continue this until all series are connected together.6.Attach your last wire-Take some woven copper wire and weld it to the connection of the first series of cells,Then give another wire-The connection of the last series of cells.Run these wires from the panel.7.Test and seal-All that's left with the cabling is to test your panel and close it.Take it out in the sun and test it.Suppose your voltage is what you expect?Turn off the panel using your silicon and plexiglass.At this point, you are ready to connect your solar panel to its final position.In just a few steps, you learn how to make solar panels now.Go ahead to the next panel,And start working to convert your entire home to solar energy.
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