aluminum panels How to Make a Simple and Inexpensive Solar Oven - Making a DIY Solar Oven at Home

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
The solar oven is a device that uses sunlight as an energy source.Solar cookers can also be used for outdoor cooking,Especially in cases where fuel consumption is minimal or where fire risk is considered very important.The solar oven can use simple household materials.These ovens are safe and easy to use.All you have to do is put the food in the oven.Pointing to the sun,Within a few hours.You have a hot meal.The oven can cook and warm many meals like rice,beans,soups,bread,cookies,cakes

and many more!This oven provides clean and efficient energy without using any resources on Earth or polluting the air.There are many plans and designs on how to build a solar oven.Make a simple solar ovenWe will need the following materials:---------Steps on how to build a solar oven:1.Making a box,Take 1/2 plywood,Then use the frame outside of 1x2.Use a metal cookie tray and screw it to the inside of the plywood.2.Connect the panel with screws,Cut the frame inside the foam and glue.3.The outer layer of the box is plywood made of 3/4.Paint the entire exterior with flat black paint.Painting it black will help the solar oven keep as much heat as possible.The use of high gloss paint provides a gloss that can maintain more heat.4.Connect the panels of the inner box together,And place it in the outer box.Place foam on both sides and bottom of the two boxes.The inner box should be made of aluminum,Glue it onto the plywood and attach it to the inner box.Place a 2x2 block at the bottom of the box and place the foam under the box.5.The panel of the solar collector should be made of aluminum plates,Stick it to the particle board and apply it to the other side.6.When making a solar stove:Glue two 1/8 plywood together,Each plywood has a square cut (There is a smaller square cut out at the bottom, while there is a larger one at the top).One lip is provided and the oven door is accessible.Connect the door to the top edge of the cooker using small hinges.Connect the top to the main box with screws.7.Attach the Sun-The collector panel to the solar oven is supported and bent at 67 degrees.The support of the bolt panel is screwed into the main box.Additional front panel with wing nut,Easy access to the door is allowed.Reduce the small panel to fit the side gap.Connect the main panel to small pieces of plastic as hinges and small bolts.This forms a complete sun collector around the oven.Now your solar oven is ready!Bring it straight to the sun.You may want to install a thermometer to monitor the temperature inside the oven.This is a guideline on how to build a solar oven.
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