aluminum panels How to Fix Your Car After a Collision Repair - Car Bodywork Repair

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
There are new ideas and research areas for repairs when making fastenersObserved a welcome change in the region of the bumper installed coating now use fasteners
This means that in the repair process increases the replacement cost, but also means less corrosion of the bolts.
.A new trend is toward the fascia plastic fasteners

They are perfect because they are corrosion-free and will be released, and then they are assumedThis continuous research and changes will create demand for new type of fasteners.
A good example is the aluminum panel request fasteners
Again another important way to reduce corrosion means lower costs, faster because the assembly time
.Routine use of fastener applications.-any piece of metal, such as a body panel, trunkAnd the lid and cap
Usually use level 2 screw or rivet connection
Screw may all look the same, but there can be differences and long and strong
, as well as the stadium
.-pedal fasteners are the most common type of bumper assemblyThey must be high strength bumper for residents to provide safe vehicles
.- SteelThread, plastic or plastic clip can be used in the headlights
, grille and fascia.- internal fasteners or screw thread used in the dashboard
And the gasket can be all kinds of plastic fastenersDoor decorating plate is usually clip, but some of them are bolt.
Very careful plastic clips design to use as much as possible
.- steel bolt and screw is the article that the glass fiber and plastic on the lips
.- steering and suspension is very important to safety, thus requiring high strength bolts
.Proper Fastener Management means less loss of profitYou can stop your losses and increase your profits of about $50 per repair maintenance is needed to do if you detailed supplementary material
And .

Things like your chemicals., fasteners, and masking tape
Seemingly KengPian customers, but in fact these costs can be mounted to the thousands of dollars each year because they do not have to consider when making estimates
.If your store does about 200 car repairs,That will be more than $100 a month
In 000, the income of just in this one small change
In fact, as long as implementing such small changes, we can have a snowball effect.
You can additional capital investment to other cost saving equipment
That can both increase workload and reduce labor costsAnd .

The same is true for the control of stocks.Can greatly reduce your loss
.Once you have naturally reduce these costs down
Rose, your profit level

In this particular industry, it's the little things that really change profit margins.The same and not waste products is another issue tracking
In the same way
, but don't start to cut corners to save money
The last
This may eventually allow the customer to return to repair, resulting in a greater cost to you, which will damage your corporate reputation

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