aluminum panels How to Fix an Aluminum Sliding Door

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
Aluminum sliding doors are located in the construction of each roomThis can be a door to the garden balcony or terrace
Other places can be on the first floor, from the family room or bedroom upstairs into the balcony.
Use a different type
, side fixed and other sliding and or two sliding panels and one fixedOpen room decided to use which type and size.
This will also determine the glass
.When ready to repair a aluminum sliding door
, whether due to replacement or replacement, first measure the openingMake sure that all the railings
, rollersAnd glass are ready
The opening line with gypsum and check smoothly
, and the top floor
. Make sure the angle is square, the level of vertical clip at the top and bottom
Through revealing and thread repair frame clamp
And .

Adjust the bottom part slightly to level with the floor

After the aluminum sliding door frame in place
, assemble fixed partsThe framework together with glass
And it also inserted into the rubber lining
Slide the panel screws into the frame
As before, start sliding panel assembly and fixed glass.
, insert the wheel and push it into the directoLet the plate roller fixed end
And .

Push the wheel up or down with a screwGuide fragments and dust cleaning
.Now the aluminum sliding door assembly
, place each panel correctlyTo ensure that the fixed panel guide and sliding parts in it
This prevents ventilation on windy days
In the windy days or opens, in providing the groove add lining, to stop shaking.
Add the locking device and the testing mechanism inside and outside the room

Install the alarm system on the mobile panel and framing, and clean the door.
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