aluminum panels How To Choose Awnings For Your Home or Business

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Before,The awning is just a house to protect against the sun and rain.But now,The awning, as part of a house or building, is not only for its main purpose,You can also add charm and create statements.If you still don't believe in the beauty of the awning,You may need to install them for the following reasons:* It protects the window frame from rain,sun and snow.Most window frames and panels are made of wood.We all know how Wood responds to environmental changes.Even with enough wood coating and polishing,Wood deteriorates faster when exposed to harsh weather conditions.* There may be a porch or terrace in your house, you have some furniture,You will relax when you read a book or have a cup of coffee with your friends.Such furniture,Regardless of the material,Wear faster when exposed to sunlight and rain.* When it rains,You usually keep your windows closed,Stop fresh air from coming in from the window.If you have a awning in your houseIn the rain,You can keep your windows open and still keep the rain from coming in.* When you watch TV or use a computer,You usually close the window.Or curtains or blinds to reduce glare.If the awning is installed,You don't need to block natural light from the rest of the room, as the awning will reduce glare on the display located near the window.* Have the main impact of the awning,According to a study,It can reduce the heat in the summer by 65% of the window facing south,And 77% windows facing east and west.So if you are now sure that you want a awning in your house or in your building,Don't just get one there.There are some things you need to consider.The most commonly used materials for awnings are outdoor fabrics and aluminum.Those made of outdoor fabric have a variety of colors and shapes;however,These require more maintenance than aluminum.These are made of aluminum that are sturdy and require less maintenance.These awnings,however,There are limited design and color options.It is recommended for windows facing east or west,The size of the drop should be 65-75% for the best efficiency.A window facing south,Drop can be just 45-60% due to the need for less coverage,Because the sun has a higher angle from this direction.The side panel may change the architectural feel of the awning.Side panels are also good for adding coverage in different directions.* Stationary,Roll-The up and telescopic awning allows you to allow the sun to shine into the house in the winter.The retractable awning is also suitable for the terrace or deck.These awnings have a mechanism that allows it to expand when necessary.Retractable Awnings can also have motors and switches to ease retracement.Some also have automatic retraction of sun and wind sensors.The retractable awning is not suitable for heavy rain,Wind and snow,though.Therefore, it is appropriate to ensure that these are properly protected from such weather conditions.Separate awning can also be used for Terrace,Deck or terrace.Business organization,Because these also serve as an advertisement,These are usually used.The small awning is used for its decorative effect.If you want to maximize the protection of the awningChoose bigger ones.The most popular style is the traditional closed side,The traditional open side,dome style,Double bar standard,waterfall,Quarterly barrels,Gable walkway and half-Round entrance.To check the most applicable style in the direction of your house design and windows,Consult an architect.In addition to considering what color with your house or institution,if possible,Choose a light-Color awning because it not only prevents the sun from shining directly to other awning,But it also reflects the sun.By doing so,It reduces the heat coming in.We should also minimize the heat entering the house,Make sure there is a gap between one side of the House and the top of the awning to prevent heat from being transferred to the house.When designing a house or business premises, please keep these tips in mind when consulting an architect.
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