aluminum panels How to Choose a Vertical Panel Saw

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
Rich choicesThere are five key areas that need to consider before making the final purchase decision
These are the technical specifications of the machine
, its cutting quality and accuracy
, its ease of use, durability
Sales support
-Up service.1 SpecificationSee the specification is very important
You need a can help you through the supplier
Here is a brief listing can help you choose the right supplier
:2 lower quality and accuracy
Ensure accurate, clean cuttingThe machine should be at least the following five elements
:3 the ease of use
RememberA machine that is simple to operate and easy to use will be more efficient and less likely to be damaged by incorrect use or misuse.A good supplier will set up a "test drive" their premise or clients
.4 durabilityDurability is a crucial problem.
The machine will perform the work is in 10 bought
, 15Or, more time for many years
The best approach is to look at the supplier's machine is still running and the number of seconds.
-Mobile desk available.5 after-sale service
Finally, once the saw has been purchased and installedAny problem, you can rely on quickly and efficiently deal with by the supplier
After a valid
-selling services is essential if unnecessary downtime is to be avoided.Industry benchmark
The Swiss-madeStriebig vertical panel saw
The benchmark in product Range is to meet these requirements.
.The machine is a tailor
-for every customeAnd .

They are suitable for cutting almost all plates., such as wood
The panel
Gypsum board
, plastic and aluminum sheetTwo, available
- year parts and labor
.Including five models to choose from
, nine standard frame size and plenty of options to increase productivity
. They're all here with the guards., braking, noise control, dust removal, far more than the current health and safety legislation in Europe
And accurate to 0
. 1 mm, unparalleled cutting quality
Striebig users benefit from 40 years of research and development of the company, only specialized in design and manufacturing of highly advanced vertical panel saw

All machines have convenient and logical controlsUniform, and balanced, smooth operation, only the operator required minimum energy.
.They are long
Durable and the use of common more than 25 years after the operation

Increase their high resale value and the fact that they are second only to the most popular-their type of cell phone

TM machinery to provide local support Striebig is crucial
They have more than 20 years in marketing and sales of unparalleled expertise.
Sales and service
They have a large team of experts Striebig
-trained engineersThe next day, provide a spare parts delivery from UK
The stock
All machines manufactured since 1968 can use spare parts

Please use this benchmark as far as possible to check the vertical panel saw supplier to help you make informed decisions
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