aluminum panels How to Build Your Own DIY Solar Cell to Power Up Your Home

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
With the amount of fossil fuels available to us running out at a record rate, the ability to build diy solar cells will become the skill that many people want to have.Solar cells absorb energy from the sun and provide us with an unlimited amount of energy every day, and we can convert it into electricity to power our homes and offices.One of the easiest and cheapest ways to capture this incredible energy source is through solar cells.They can be very expensive when purchased through a commercial manufacturer,But surprisingly, when we do it ourselves, they are actually quite cheap.The cost of photovoltaic solar panels can be as high as $200 to build use parts that can be purchased in your local hardware store without the need for special skills.It's just that anyone can do it.The vast majority of cells used for residential purposes are made of a substance called polysilicon.What is the power of single cells,But in order to generate electricity more effectively, the battery is tied together to form a solar panel.The process of making DIY solar cells,Or those that you can buy commercially,Start preparing silicon.Silica is the preferred form and is made 99% pure or better in a very hot furnace.It is then refined further until the purity is 99.5%, then it is ready to create solar cells.The next step is Crystal purified silicon.The melted silicon is added with boron, which helps to turn the light of the sun into electricity.At this point, the solar cell is now charging, called p-type.The cells are then immersed in a water bath with a negatively charged chemical treatment.An anti-The reflection layer is then applied so that the light of the sun is absorbed, not reflected.It's-The reflection layer, giving them the dark look, we are used to seeing.Then a conductor made of aluminum and silver is added for newly created power.The last step requires the cell to be set on the panel.They are actually very fragile, so they have to protect against potentially destructive objects such as hail and any other that could damage them.Protection must also be transparent to allow the sun's light to penetrate into solar cells, such thick glass or plastic, which is usually used transparently.The frame is on both sides, so it is a solid panel that is ready for installation.Solar cells have become very efficient and are now a viable way to create electricity to power our homes.A diy solar cell itself does not generate much power, but when you string them together, then it becomes a very powerful power generation system, will greatly reduce the amount of money you pay for your utility bills every month.
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