aluminum panels How To Build Strong Solar Panel Frames

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
Introducing DIY solar panel framesIn building your own solar panels, a good active is no shortage of material or type of material
.But when choosing your material to remember some important factors, such as
:You need solar panel frame under rainfall snow as environmental threats
,wind, extreme temperature, entrance etc.
.Frame needs to be rough to protect valuable and fragile solar cells
In the installation phase
.In some areas, the frame needs to withstand great wind pressure., hail or snow.In some instances, the photovoltaic panels are only occasionally used for small batteries
Every day, so will not face a harsh environment.
.These types of photovoltaic panels can get cheaper materials
.There is no doubt that the most important factors affect the solar panel frame thermal resistance and moisture
.Thermal Resistance of Solar Panel framesPhotovoltaic panels are very extreme temperature from cold winter hot summer
The seasonal fluctuations in temperature will cause distortion panel frame if the proper material is not used
.Extreme temperatures can bend and shrink the material of solar panels.And at different rates depending on the materials
.Because in the PV framework, the material is different.And they will shrink at different rates and deformation, separated from each other in the end.
Because of the special consideration should be given in combination with agents and their longevity
.The winter temperature is very low
, bonding material is easy craze, they separated from other shrinkage ratio of different materials.
.In summer, the opposite is the case, when binders soften and decompose, leading to panel degradation and performance degradation.The wet resistance of the solar panel framework
Almost all solar panels are affected by water in some way.Factors such as melting snow
Need to consider building the framework of before rain or fog
.Over time, many materials absorb moisture and warp easily.The internal moisture, panel solar cells and electrical connections are placed
Failure, and eventually led to the panel
.To offset the moisture, you need to use glue, it has the very high moisture resistance, and fasteners can resist corrosion.
.Team needs to have a certain degree of flexibility of mechanical parts

They need to shrink and expand at the same time., so proper mechanical connection is very important

The purpose of the two we use silicone adhesive, because it has a high degree of flexibility for the contraction and expansion
Silica gel 2 is also a great seal for water
.The uv resistance of the solar panels framework
Another factor that affects the structure of the sun is the degradation of ultraviolet light.Some materials tend to break down when facing the uv radiation and eventually lead to extreme shameful panel moisture and temperature
.In order to eliminate the vulnerability of the ultraviolet ray, we use the silicon.
In our framework, aluminum and organic glass
Not the best
When cost and availability are taken into account, these materials deliver the best returns

Can also be replaced with polycarbonate resin or glass fibre
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