aluminum panels How to Build a Solar Cell

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Building your own solar cell seems to be a difficult thing in the countryYou may think that only an expert can put this task successfully
. But nowAt home, you can build its own solar cells.
Read on to know the details
.When planning to build your home-made solar cells,, there are some things you need to know first
Make oneself of the solar cell process requires you to have a conductive glass plate is coated with titanium dioxide
Do you still need to prepare a solution, a business colloid film during the depositing of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide powder
. Then, you must block a clean conductive glass panel and the application and distribution of the solution on the conductive glass panel.

After that, you have to do get the sintering layer of thin film
.Learn about how to make solar cells in the home for your solar system's basic knowledge.
, how is this
:1. First, you need to prepare silicon
. The preferred form of doing so is to use silicon oxide, as it burns in an extremely hot furnace., it makes 99% of pure silicon or better
. OnceA total of 99
.5% purity, are now ready to make solar cells
.2. ThenBoron is added in the melting state of silicon oxideDoing so will help silica convert solar energy into electric energy.
.3Material will be crystal, with a positive charge
This is called p
- type solar cell

Then the cells will be immersed in negatively charged water.Chemical treatment
. Anti-Then apply the reflective layer.the
Reflective layer is responsible for making solar cells look dark
.5. ThenA conductor made of aluminum and silver was added to generate electricity

6Solar cells should be kept in a case, because they are very fragile
The case should be thick
, transparent glass,
, or plastic
But make sure the sun can still reach the cells.NowYour homemade solar panels have been completedIf you want to power your whole house and all of your electrical equipment
A cell is not enough
You can ask how many solar panels to solar energy experts to make your home solar energy.
-Power oneI mentioned above
, at home to build and install their own solar system is very easy.
Now that you know how to build a homemade solar battery
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