aluminum panels How Solar Cells Are Manufactured

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Solar energy is touted as a solution to the energy needs of a hungry worldThis will bring, and basic problem how to make solar cells actually
.Most solar cells are in the market now polysilicon.
These cells in the panel system building and portable version on the boat and rv

Panels are essentially a combination of individual cellsA single battery produces electricity.
, but a group
.Manufacturing the first step in the preparation of silicon solar cells
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Most cells are made of silica.

It was first exposed to the high temperature of the furnace.So that we can reduce the purity of 99%
And then after another purification process, get 99.
5 the purity percentage
, the grade of the need to build cells
.Once silicon is machined,The next step after the crystallization of silicon
Silicon is melting
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During the melting processMaterials such as boron added

Specific additives create the electrical basis of siliconIn the solar cells
, this is p
Type or a positive charge
.In this;
Silicon is in the form of ingotsThen cut into thin slices using the computer to guide machinery
And .

The depth of the wafer is usually between 200 and 300 microns.These wafer cleaning, we enter the next step
.Now is the time to actually build cells
. The battery is immersed in negatively charged chemicals in water

An antiThen add the reflective layer
This is to make solar cells and panels look black
, which is usually blue
Then the silver or aluminum conductor is connected to the battery power can make use of cell
.[法] quoad hoc , it's panel time.Table rows of cells
Then connect
Place a piece of glass or plastic on them for protection.

Then frame the edges to create more protectionAt this point
, do you have a solar panel system, ready to go
.A solar cell is not particularly strong
It will produce about half volts
. The problem is efficiency.Polysilicon only conversion between 8 and 15% of sunlight into electricity
With the improvement of efficiency
, the panel should become smaller, cheaper
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