aluminum panels Homemade Solar Panels - Convert Light Energy Into Electricity

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
The sun is a very powerful source of energyIt is the king of the earth, because it breathing all of life
. Without the sun
Light and heat, people do not experience

If there's no such thing as this,Life cannot be created
.But have you thought about using this energy in power generation
? If not, maybe you are not familiar with solar panels
And .

Solar panels are small devices that easily convert light energy into electricity.

They can be bought on the market and can be used to power different fields, such as your home or officeThe use of solar power
, howeverIs the sun, in the absence of the night?
This means that, when the sun came out
Absent, and solar power
.But despite these shortcomings,And the sun will still be a cost
Efficient energy resources
And .

Instead of burning dozens of coal or fossil fuels, the best will continue to use the sun especially in the morning

The great advantage of a solar panel is that it can be used in places far from the power plantThis makes remote areas have the opportunity to have their own power.
.Now if you have one of the remote family or you just want to save electricity
, then you may have to consider building your own solar panels
. Luckily, this article is to solve the problem.

This is a way to make self-made solar panels.Create a container
The first step in creating homemade solar panels is to create a container.The container will contain all the plates
A good is usually a rectangular container size, can be in wood or lighter materials
. As long as it ensures that the material does not deteriorate with the heat of the sun, it will be fine.Collect your plate
There are different kinds of dishes collection to create your homemade solar panels
These are glass
, aluminum and silicon

When the aluminum plate absorbs energy, the glass sheet will be used to collect energy from the sun

The Silicon plate will convert energy by acting as a semiconductor,All of these work together to create an effective homemade solar panels
.Is converted into energy
Next you have to do is shift your energy stored on the plate.

This can be done by simply connecting the battery board to the energy storageDo you have to use some wire transfer of energy
.Install it in your home
The fourth step is the most important step
This means that you should now be in the home to install system
. If the panel will be installed on your roof, make sure the container uses lightweight material.Use batteries and connected to the electronic device, it will work
.This is a simple way to create a homemade solar panels
Very simple, don't you think?
Now what are you waiting for
What? Now create your own solar panel

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