aluminum panels Homemade Solar Panels - Build Your Own

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
Homemade solar panels are not as expensive or difficult as you might think, or set up
In this difficult economic times, this is good news.
More and more people have turned to renewable energy, mainly because it could save their energy bill of hundreds of dollars a month

Especially if you build your own solar panels, not professional ones.It can run thousands of dollars
Using solar panels convert solar energy into electricity
Each team consists of a certain number of cells
That determines the amount of voltage you're going to have.

Production per cell is slightly highe5 v dc regardless of size
Only the size of the ampere.
.ExampleIf you break
5 v at half 3 amp solar cells
this will result in two.5 volt at 1
5 amperes cells

Each battery has a positive lead at the bottom and a negative lead at the topAs the attachment right this is what makes a panel
.That's why.-it- your own tour guide is very popular now
. HoweverFor most people, constitute a difficult problem
If you lack experience
-it- your guide
Well, you may encounter the problem of buying a dress that doesn't fit your needs.In the absence of experience by hand work
, preferably a guide with video or very detailed drawings.The best plan will also include a money-back guarantee and after-sale service, in case of trouble when you finish your project
.You can find the material in your house
A relatively cheap product was bought at the nearest home decoration store or online auction site in 2000

, you will need the material
If you are going to build cells
These cells can also take up the online auction site
.a sheet (of paper)

015 Copper flashThis is usually suitable for about five dollars per square foot
But for your needs
And half square feet will be enough
.Metal shears for cutting copper sheets.Two alligator clip leads
A micro- can be read from the current 10 microns to 50 microns of the ammeter
-amperes.A 1100Watt electric single burner furnace
.A clear two
-liter plastic bottles cut off from the top of the bottleOr a wide glass pot effect is the same
At least a few tablespoons
.WaterA wire brush a drill or sandpaper
These are the materials needed to make batteries.The following materials used for the rest of the solar panels.
.The cardboard
A piece of plywood 1/4 inch thick
Welding iron, but 30.-low-size tile steel can also be usedThis is welding battery label
.Solder with silica gel
.A 1/2 inch plywood support
.Two cTo manipulate the inside out
.BoltsFoam tape tube insulation, the use of double
As a piece of glass
Rubber gasketsOneInches of metal roofing screw
Ethylene electronic tapeAn interesting side effect is that if you use the glass fiber resin, to advance warning.
, this kind of resin is a kind of polyester resin and accommodate the weather is not good
(don't hold water
)For this purpose is the best thing a aluminium epoxy sealing equipment.

Remember, this is just a simple observation of home-made solar panels

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