aluminum panels Home Built Solar Panel - Make Your Own Home Made Solar Panels

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Many simple problems can be solved, home solar panelsMaybe you want to heat your garage workshop in the cold winter days or warm your koi pond is enough to make the formation of ice in the cold months
. [name] [English name], small, skinny people, from the middle English, meaning is "thin, small, thin, small) 12
The volt pump and fan is available, will run on a new solar panels power in your collection
, assemble panelPlace your panel in Sunnest possible location
.Reduce the 30's board of directors to measure 18 inches
Six inches, get a piece of metal thin film to the board

This flat surface will hold 36 solar cells that will power your 12 batteries.-Volt electrical applianceYou also need a resin glass to match the size of the board of directors you keep sealant with an aluminum frame at the edge of the panel to maintain moisture
Debris collected on the shelf, so you can make your plate stand in the sun.
.The board of directors work on a flat surface
Work slowly connection six solar cells connect the solar energy from one cell to the solar cells under the TAB and solder and low places
-Voltage welded ironEach group and affix the center of each cell and silica gel plate on the metal surface
Repeat six times until you have six shares 6 cell adhesion on your board
And .

The copper wire is woven between each group of six batteries and the copper wire is crossed through the edge of the plate.To forecast, to ensure that your connection is solid
Carefully move your plate into the sun and use a voltmeter to measure the energy generatedYour work surface of solar panels back to your work, and by carefully will be completed your organic glass on the battery assembly.
Run a silica gel beads inside corner of your aluminum frame and cover the top edge of plexiglass
Allowed to dry overnight before your team
.Set up a simple platform, support your panel in the best of the sun.
-snap angles and join panels to prevent the wind from blowing inThe solar cell is subtle, can be relatively easy
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Use your DC meter to measure the output of your solar panels.The 12
The volt device you choose your solar panels and the first days of observations
. Adjust to optimize the angle with the sun and the position of the fan or pump.More advanced solutions
And do some reading panel in storing excess power
- rechargeable batteries
If your goal is to multiple solar panels and tie in the grid
Do a lot of homework to make sure you understand the requirements.
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