aluminum panels Have Storm Windows Become Obsolete?

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
Storm windows,Made of glass or polycarbonateInstalled on a standard window to protect the latter from a variety of natural elements such as the sun,wind,rain,hail and snow.In the standard skylightThe glass panel is held with putty,Small nails and frames.In a period of time,Grinding sealant in extreme weather conditions,And lead to the formation of gaps and cracks, through which a loss of energy occurs at a rapid pace.Storm window not only protects single-Pane from the destructive power of nature,And also played a significant role in energy conversion.Today,Window manufacturing technology is more advanced from about 10 to 15 years ago.Compared to single-glass panes,Modern glass panels are more energy efficient.In these panelstwo,Three or even four pieces of glass stick together.To reduce the heat loss,a low-Conductive intervals made of aluminum or structural foam are placed between plates.The space formed is filled with gas as argon,Krypton,Xenon or sulfur fluoride.Such glass systems provide better insulation to reduce heat transfer rates.Apart from insulation,These glass systems also help to reduce noise.Sometimes in these systemsglass-Thin plates of different thickness are mainly used to improve the capacity of the window to reduce noise.Another important function of the storm window is that it provides protection against harmful Superviolet (UV)rays.The radiation can't just change the color of your precious furniture and curtains,But they will also damage your floor.The multi-Low layered glass system-emissivity (low-e)coating,This is a thin layer of metal oxide deposited on a glass plate.The low-The E-coating reflects the sun,and thereby,Prevent them from entering the room.Additionally,It also avoids heat loss due to conduction.Longevity is another aspect, and modern glass systems are superior to storm windows.The latter requires a lot of maintenance very much like a traditional shell.Instead,The former is stronger,Durable and elastic.The framework of the system is equally powerful, energy-efficient.Thus,The storm window must have lost its charm.In fact,If you install it on your modern window?They will do more harm than good.Strong heat accumulation between the two windows will only shorten the life of the two windows.
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