aluminum panels Hard Tonneau Covers - Top 4 Brands and Types of Truck Covers

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Don't let anyone tell you that the hard cover is not as good as the soft version.They, too, as well as you
, in fact, betterHere are my Suggestions to the existing four main types, and make the company to make the most of these type
.Have a tonneau is hard to meet the needs of everyone
From stylish fiberglass to specially designed work-for-living covers for trucks, even on classic trucks, they look greatLet's take a look at the different types, and who do best in each category
.AluminumThis material is perfect for those who use their trucks work or need a cover, is strong enough to withstand heavy use or knocking at the door
In addition to the toughness
Another major advantage of aluminum is that it is about half the weight of fiberglass.Among many good qualities, I recommend Lazer Lite.As the correct state of the company
The lid is made of metal
From the same materials used in the manufacture of your truck body and the door
. In factLazer Lite tonneau is 50%, than ford F150 cover thickness
. The company provides cover for exposed aluminum.(do you paint it
) or paint
-Matching it to your truck

Anyone who tells you a hard Dono cover means you can't drag a big project without ever heard of a retractable hard Dono cover.Pace Edwards is the industry's leading manufacturers of this type of cover
They were made of extruded aluminum panel and patent silicone hinge connecting sealing
The cover can touch the button action
Open, it comes in a bed in a jar

It's also very low.-profileIncredibly powerful and electromagnetic brake system locked in any position
.N. Glass fiber, glass wire;These can produce suitable for any truck
, even if is the classic model
. They are perhaps the most stylish and versatile hard Tono covers.You can buy the traditional model of articulated gaylord TL
- Series tank cover
, or a double fold model, such as along the truck bed central hinge gaylord butterfly.
And even a railway as a vertical elevator

Complete series.PolymerAn increasingly popular choiceThan the glass fiber, but a small part of the weight or cost
Although they can paint manufacturers don't recommend it
On the contrary, slightly glossy black decoration added most truck parts.

The main brand is the cover of undercover DonnoPatent X
- effect design and advanced polymer in SEMA/TCAA exhibition in 2001 was awarded the RON Webster MEDALS
It puts forward the "recognition of outstanding engineering achievements"
When you buy the cover you also get a garage wall installation system
.Don't be pushed away by the scoundrel of the hard tongue cover.There is a model and type very suitable for your needs
If you buy a remember these you won't regret your decision
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