aluminum panels Greenhouse Structure and Frame Materials

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Several frame types are used to build the greenhouseAccording to your needs better than anyone else
The main structural material for galvanized steel.
, aluminum
, PVC, glass fiber and wood.Galvanized steel (material);
Steel is a kind of framework for package
It is strong
Zinc plated steel is anti-rust.

But it will rust.Because of the weight
, transportation cost is higher than other materials.
No ready your own construction
Galvanized steel is often used for low-end greenhouse kit
But they can also be found on the more expensive ones

AluminumAluminum is strong
, will not rust
LightweightRound or square tube to use
Depending on the overlay material you want to use on itSquare tube can be obtained from construction supplies store, this material can be used to build a greenhouse framework.
Drilling is fairly easy
So fiberglass panels or polycarbonate sheets can be fixed in structure
.PVCPVC tube can be used to build a new type of greenhouse framework.

It's ready-made., it's quite cheap and easy to handle
And .

Can bend an inch in diameter to form a band that can stretch a polyethylene film.End can be made of plywood or fiber glass table
Glass fiber sheets can also be fixed in the barrel hoop cover frame
.WoodTreated wood can also be used to build greenhouses.This type of structure will be a little difficult
Almost any type of cover can be installed on wood frame
It is strong enough, suitable for glass.
Polyethylene film can nail and polycarbonate or glass fiber sheet can be finished

Wood is the thickest material used in greenhouse buildingsAnd .

Except for pressurized treated wood., cedar and mahogany can also be used for construction of the greenhouse
Is a lightweight and powerful
Redwood is the most easy to obtain, and tend to be used in high-end suite.

Greenhouses built from Sequoia are attractive and sustainable

The glass fiber
Glass tube is used for greenhouse frame materials.
Is the advantage of this material, it is not easy to hot or cold
To help keep the heat and cold
.The material used in the greenhouse frame must be strong., light and water resistance
A large number of materials fit this description
All of these are used in various types of greenhouse kit.
Some, suitable for a simple own greenhouse structure construction
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