aluminum panels Green Remodeling: Saving Money and Creating a Healthy Home

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
When you plan to decorate your kitchenbathrooms,Or add extra living space to the home,Talk to professional contractors about how to create a house that is more efficient and safer.The benefits of green transformation include saving money by improving efficiency,Improve indoor air and water quality and reduce the negative impact on the environment.Energy efficiency is the primary reason why owners choose green transformation,According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)Remodelers.When households are more energy efficient, homeowners can save money on utility bills.This is an attractive feature for buyers.Therefore, creating an energy-efficient home also increases its market value.Certified contractors can make energy assessments of residential buildings and suggest that changes can be made through professional modifications or even simple changes,Like using newer energy-Save on lights or install programmable thermostats.Some ways to improve energy efficiency:• Hire a professional contractor to replace draftyOld windows and energy-Efficient double paneled windows and replacement aluminum siding with newer vinyl siding.• Properly insulated attic will generate maximum cost savings-Your home will keep the heat better in the winter and cool in the summer.There are many options for insulation,According to its use,Including fiberglass,spray foam,Hard foam plate and cellulose.R-Value measures the performance of the insulation,So the general R-value,The better the insulation level.• When looking for the Energy Star symbol to buy a new appliance kitchen to transform or replace the water heater or clothing dryerThe Energy Star is the government-The supported procedures and symbols represent energy efficiency,Help consumers find appliances and other products to provide cost savings by reducing energy and water consumption.• How old is your HVAC (heating,Ventilation and air conditioning)system?Systems over 10 years are not as effective as newer models.When considering a new systemChoosing the most effective mode will effectively support the size of the family,Especially if remodeling includes extra living space.Other cost-The savings include the installation of a programmable thermostat,Professional inspection and cleaning of the system every year,And sealing and insulating pipes.2011 reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)The number of people found to be diagnosed with asthma increased by 4.3 million to 2001-2009-This is 1 in 12 Am Eric ans.Although the reasons for the increase are not entirely clear,Environmental factors, including indoor air quality, are responsible for asthma.More people deal with pollen allergiesAnimal dandruff and mold.You can create a healthier place to live by improving indoor air quality,Water quality and noise pollution reduction.Ultimately,A healthier family also saves money by reducing medical expenses.• Choose non-Toxic building materials,Paint and clean products.Many of these household products emit toxic gases containing VOCs (Volatile organic compoundsPoor indoor air quality.Side effects range from symptoms such as fatigue,headaches,Disgusting and irritating eyes,Respiratory diseases of the nose and throat such as asthma and bronchitis are more serious problems such as kidney or liver damage or cancer.• Remove mold,pollen,animal dander,Install a more efficient ventilation system with high dust mites and dirtHigh quality air filter.• Test the water system to determine if impurities need to be removed from the water filtration system.Save resources:Reduce,Recycle,We are reminded of the importance of a clean environment every day from advertising about hybrid and electric car neighborhood recycling programs.So consider a garbage container full of debris in the remodeling project-This is a lot of waste.One goal of green remodeling is to reduce the amount of waste that enters the landfill through repeated use or recycling of materials.The materials taken out of the property are in good condition and can be donated to an organization such as human habitat.When the demolition is completed, it's time to start remodeling,Choose nature,More durable materials such as cork flooring or natural fiber carpets do not have toxic chemicals.Cork is a sustainable material,As the floor reduces noise pollution at home, it is a healthy choice for those who are allergic.• Install low-Flow toilets and shower heads use less water than standard plumbing.• Is the old plumbing unit leaking?Replacing the leaking tap can save thousands of gallons of water in a year.• Consider renewable energy such as solar energy by adding photovoltaic panels to your roof or yard.You can even consider the new PV tile, the new roof.Green remodeling can be done from larger projects such as kitchen renovations or newer windows and siding that require professional contractors-For smaller changes, the owner can easily make non-use-Toxic paint and cleaning products.Saving money,Improve indoor air and water quality,Reducing waste is all the benefits of green remodeling.Creating a home with these benefits can also add value as the demand for green homes increases.It is a win-win situation to discuss with professional contractors how to incorporate the green concept into remodeling projects to save money and stay healthyWIN!
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