aluminum panels Give Your Windows A Stained-Glass Look!

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
If you ever wanted to dye-glass windows,But I just don't think you can afford it.There is a way to get this look.The best part is that it's cheap and fairly easy to finish.The final result is very convincing similar to the actual staining-glass windows.I mean, the material is for dyeing-The glass look is available at the craft store and online at any time.They are names produced by various manufacturers, such as gallery glass,Pebeo,Rainbow glass and others.These clear pigments come in many colors,Of course, you can mix them and get the perfect shade you want as well.So much fun and easy work.No talent needed!In order to get the leading effect,You can buy a thick paint specifically for this purpose.It has three colors:black,silver,and gold.The label on the container indicates that it is a simulated leading liquid.I did the best with the gallery Glass brand.However,You may prefer another brand.Using Leading paint is the most difficult part of the project-At least for me.If you like to use something simpler,You can buy it in advance -?made adhesive-A tie on the back.You just stick these to the outline of your window according to your pattern.Use these pre-Making strips is an easier way to start,But it turns out to be more expensive than using liquid ahead.My first project was the French door with 15 panels per door.This is a fairly complex design that requires a lot of lead.One thing is to know when working with pre-The lead is that you have to apply your design directly to the window.In my case,I attached the pattern to the outside of the window and showed it to the glass.I then fill in the color of the design between the glass and go straight from the container to the glass window pane by squeezing the desired color.Soon after,I decided to try the liquid lead.There are certain skills in this,You may need to practice!(Let me warn you-If you do that, your hands will hurt!But you will like the result!)The advantage of this approach is that you don't have to work directly on the window.You can put your pattern under a special plastic blank,You can then work at your counter or desk and follow the pattern.You have to keep the leading tip above your surface 1-2 inches,Do not touch the surface.Allow the guide to flow slowly as you move your hand slowly,Through a little practice,It will go where you want to go.(As I said,It needs a small practice to get this hang.)When the leader is dry,Fill your leadership area with your color.When completely dry (next day),Peel off the whole design and attach it to your window and you want it.If you put it in one place and don't like it there,Feel it off and put it somewhere else until it fits you.After you applied all your workFill the surrounding area with transparent or opaque white (Or any color you may like.)For a real cut-glass' look,There are molds available in many designs and shapes.Just fill in their paint and allow it to dry and then remove them from the mold.You will be surprised by the effect, which adds to your window.If it's new to youBe sure to read my page, "important tips for applying staining-Glass Paints."Good luck with your project!!
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