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by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Elements, so the respect of successful cigarettes or copper indium gallium selenide solar panels is respectedIf you do some research on gallium you will find that there are few articles that element
You see people are talking about how to make the melting of the spoon
To discuss the metal melt in your hand due to its low melting point 85 ° F or 29
.8° C

We're going to review here the history of gallium and its technical applications

Gallium in the periodic table of signs and Ga atomic number 31.
In 1875 Paul emil Lecoq DE Boisbaudran found gallium spectrum method
He saw GalliumA ´ s two purple line features
And .

Gallium is not free in nature.

Lecoq obtained free elements by electrolysis

Gallium is found in bauxite
, sphalerite, and coal
It is mainly extract production of aluminum and zinc
The exact amounts of mining and recycling are hard to quantify
. According to the United States Geological Survey, the total mining volume in 2010 was about 106 tons and the total recovered amount was about 78 tonsGallium supply is highly dependent on other mining supplies for its aluminum and zinc
Base metal prices fell, gallium will highly available
And .

Similar to other rare industrial metals, mining companies won't invest in these metal production, because the market is too small
.You're surrounded by gallium

< object > semiconductor (plural) semiconductor
, LEDs, medicine,
, electronic components
New technologies, such as, CIGS solar and IGZO
(Indium, GalliumZinc and oxygenLCD screen)
And .

The new iPhone 5 will have this liquid crystal display.More than 90% for electronic components gallium arsenide
). Recently, CIGS solar panels have reached an unprecedented 20. 5%

3% efficiency once again proved that cigarettes are the most effective form of solar energy market
Gallium technology, will greatly increase the use of smart phones
Analysts predict that the use of smart phones will grow at 15%.
In the next few years - 25%

Recently, Ledda's backlit screen and computer display have been very popular.And .

The LED display market will continue to grow.To further the small gallium supplies are tight
.Gallium is one of China's top producer
Kazakhstan and Germany

Once again, China is in a strong position in the production of a rare industrial metalGallium difference is that almost 40% of metal production from recycled every year
.With the emergence of using all the new technology of Gallium, a metal that market in a few years?
Unlike some metals such as gold and silver
Not in the LME trading, gallium
(London Metal Exchange))This has kept the prices of gallium is very stable
Rare metal industry or technology small the possibility of a big market
So if you're looking for is rarely talk about investment
, gallium can be a good choice
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