aluminum panels Form and Function - Fireplace Screens

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Fireplace screen service serves the dual purpose of protecting the home from sparks, emphasizing your living room decorThere are all kinds of size and shape on the fireplace
So you can find a very suitable for your fireplace and room.
.Metal fireplace screen
Metal is the most traditional fireplace screen material. Iron, brass, steelMetal, aluminum is the most popular
Depending on your preference
And you will find the shadow and the modern design or luxuriant scrollwork
And .

Most metal sieves include a screen in the frame to prevent sparks and ashes from splashing out of the fireplace.

Reach high temperature when the metal screen is exposed to fireSo always be careful when you touch them
.Stained glass screen
Stained glass screen usually has wooden or lead frame
They often mimic tiffany stained glass
But modern design can present any scene.And even a sign of your Alma mater
Stained glass screen is only for decoration use, because most cannot withstand the heat of the fire
.Glass screenFireplace tempering or leaded glass screen is another popular choice

These screens have metal frames and glass panels.Glass is usually transparent or frosted.
Sometimes, etching design
If you want to be able to see the fire burns
, then clear the screen is the best choice for you.
.How to measure the fireplace screenYour fireplace screen should not be too small, not enough to effectively prevent open
, or it's too big to put on the stoveBefore buying a screen
, measuring the furnace and the fireplace
. If you select a hinge screen with a single center panelAnd ensure that the center panel should be the same width of the fireplace
The ribs should tend to face and around the edges
Curved screen should be wide enough, can be in the circumstance that does not block the surround sound and the opening and the panel.
.You should also be concerned about the height of the screen

Too short a screen may cause ashes or sparks to escape from the fireplaceAnd .

Too high a screen may partially block the mantelpiece.Look, it do harm to our room
.The fireplace screen affordable
, which means that you should choose your most beautiful screen in the room.

If you redecorate the living room, you can always replace it.
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