aluminum panels for walls What Is Cladding?

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Cladding is the application of a material on another material,To protect the underlying structureThe purpose is to provide a skin or layer designed to control the penetration or aesthetic purpose of weather elements.The coating does not necessarily need to provide waterproof conditions,It's a control element.This control element supports a safe direct water or wind to prevent infiltration into the building structure.In situations,If the outer envelope of the building does not need to be completely "sealed "(Railway Station,bus stations,Similar structures such as parking lotsPerforated metal cladding is an ideal solution.The benefit of perforated metal cladding is light weight,Durability and easy installation.There are various types of package layers, such,Weathered cladding,Wood cladding,The stone layer,Vinyl,Fiber Cement,External Foam,metal,Concrete and brick cladding.Most of North America"Siding", the word is used instead, "bag", the wordIt is widely used in Europe and Australia.And also,"Weather board" is also equivalent to the word "siding.Today's most popular and up-to-date commercial buildings for exterior cladding products such as schools,offices,External insulation and complete system.(EIFS)This is mainly compared to plaster,But made of artificial ingredients.Not standard cement.It is a plastic insulation plate system covered by synthetic material.The decorations on these walls can mimic the texture of plaster or plaster,Or can drag so smooth and look like a solid stone.Dyes and pigments are used for color EIFS as it is applied,Or it can be painted.Improved drainage technology helps to increase the popularity of this product around the world.An important master, a world today,The Burj Khalifa has a prominent cladding technology.It rises gracefully from the desert and pays tribute to Dubai with a new light.Its external cladding, Burj Khalifa, began in May 2007 and was completed in September 2009.The tower has completed the highest world record for installation of aluminum and glass exterior walls,The height is 512 M, which is equivalent to the total weight of 5 A380 aircraft.Another example is the Olympic Stadium in the Olympic Park.London,This is the main venue for sports events.Opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games.The external cladding of the structure is carried out by polyester and polyethylene,Print with a curing UV ink and will surround the stadium.The package is 20 m high with a total length of nearly 1000 yards.The roof of the stadium is not made of steel or concrete,but of PVC.It also includes light steel under construction and rainwater collection.Not only is it the greatest building in the worldWrapping your own house will bring you many benefits, includingInsulated and cold-proof,Beautiful to your home while adding value,Mow maintenance costs (Can be washed with soap occasionallyand many more.And also,As we all know, metal cladding is the top priority.It's strong and durable there,No maintenance costs for many years.Although rust may be a problem,It can be avoided by using galvanized metal.Aluminum siding,On the other hand,Is a popular bag for families in coastal areas.Aluminum does not rust or corrosion when exposed to moisture or salt water,And it is better to withstand storms and harsh conditions than many other cladding products.Metal siding is generally quite expensive,Although it is rotten,termites,And most kinds of damage.
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