aluminum panels for walls What Is a Phenolic Foam Duct Panel?

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
A house or a commercial building is not completely without proper insulationnow
, the effects of global warming is damaging the skyscraper and bungalows, this is also why is very important to take appropriate measures.
(even in the additional costs
) to strengthen the buildin. Heat insulation helps keep in warm and cold month in warm air out
The most common insulating materials are steel plate galvanized steel and aluminum and other metals
Because these are metal
Their prices fluctuate from time to time.

(thousands of United States dollars), they can be heavy and expensive to transport a very large quantity
In addition to the use of galvanized steel and aluminum
Glass fiber duct plate also use
.The insulation of the glass fiber performance is far better than that of aluminum or galvanized metal
. HoweverAnd the glass fiber is more expensive.Galvanized steel
, aluminum and glass fiber in today's enterprises have their application
. HoweverIn some applications the use of these materials will be too expensive or inconvenient.This is architects and engineers use of foam insulation
.Polyurethane and phenolic foam are the most commonly used resin foam tubesheetThey're lighter, cheaper than steel.
, aluminum and glass fiber
These panels can be used for the walls
, floorsThe ceiling and duct

They can be rigid or flexible

Most, if not all of the phenolic foam pipe plate lined with a thin layer of aluminum
(room 25 micron, outside 200 micron)) the two sides to strengthen its insulation performance
Phenolic foam is a kind of resin
(plastic) composed of an aldehyde and a phenol.What makes this type of foam tube panel is different from the other building insulation is the fire resistance and moisture resistance
It won't melt when contact with fire
. Once they contact with the bubble, the spread of the flame has zero to very small chance.
. Also, bubble not negligible
-Toxic fumes(composed of CO2 and CO only)When burnt
.In order to maintain the quality
Several standardized fire certification, the bubble.

The best variety is closed cell phenolic foam because it has high thermal propertiesVery little moisture can penetrate the bubble
If the foam punctured,
, moisture in the blasting area and will not be absorbed bubble
.OverallPhenolic foam is a reliable material, industrial and commercial purposes
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